Why You Should Be Cautious With Fast Weight Lost

If you are hoping to lose weight for an upcoming event, it can be tempting to try and do so as quickly as possible. However, there are things that you need to know about weight loss tips and why it may not be the best solution for your needs. Finding out what the dangers are, what a safe rate of weight loss is and how to accomplish it are all valuable tools that you can use to take pounds off and keep them off without hurting your health in the process.

Our body weight is influenced by many different factors. One of the main factors is our metabolism. At its most basic level, our metabolism is the rate at which we burn energy. A slow metabolism means that we burn energy more slowly and a fast metabolism means that we burn energy at a very high rate. That energy comes from our diet in the form of calories from food. When we have a lot of excess energy, our body stores it in the form of fat. This adds weight to our body and too much stored fat means that we become overweight.

To anyone who is aware of this relationship between calorie consumption and losing weight it seems very straightforward to lose weight by cutting back on their calories. They think that by cutting back and drastically reducing the amount that they eat , the rate at which they shed body weight will speed up. However, they may not realize that there can be a number of dangerous and completely unwanted side effects of doing this.

The first reason why it is a bad idea is that a sudden and drastic reduction in caloric intake makes our bodies think we are in danger of starving. Our metabolism is capable of slowing down substantially when our body thinks that there is no food available. Every calorie we take in is hoarded and much of it is stored in our fat cells. This can end up causing us to stop losing weight and retain more of it when we begin to eat normally again.

We also tend to shed water weight first when we go on a speed diet. This effect is enhanced when we take many of the fat burning pills that are on the market today. As we dry out, we lose pounds and inches but it is not a real result because we are not losing fat. We can become quite weak if we become dehydrated and the situation can become dangerous if it is allowed to go on too long.

Other affects you may experience are a drop in your energy level and health problems due to restricted vitamin and mineral intake. You can lower your energy levels and if you stay on a severe diet for too long, you may end up lowering your metabolic rate permanently and causing significant, long term health problems.

To avoid the dangers of quick weight loss, you should try and lose no more than two pounds a week. This will preserve your metabolism. If you watch portion sizes and eat more fruits and vegetables, your caloric intake will be reduced. By increasing your activity level, you can burn more calories and finally begin shedding pounds and inches in as healthy a way as possible.

In order to stay healthy, fast weight loss may simply not be possible. We are all better off setting longer term goals and working toward a gradual and sustainable fat loss that will have us looking and feeling great. You will often find that if you do, the weight has a better chance of staying off longer than it would if you simply drop weight by starving yourself.

– Ben Pate