Energy Healing – Hoax Or Help

Is Energy Healing simply a hoax taking advantage of people looking for alternative health options or does it really play a part in healing the mind and body. Here are some viewpoints for you to consider.

Energy Healing
a video to briefly introduce and demonstrate the use of energy healing using Reiki and Body Talk Access with a short reference to Inca Shamanic healing

Introduction to Energy Medicine
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Based on a live class, this 2 hour DVD shows one of the most dynamic teachers in the health field joyfully presenting the concept of energy medicine along with many of its basic principles and procedures. The video fully captures the excitement of a live, introductory presentation on tape. This program shows you how to move your energies to get them to do what you want them to do, from healing illness to increasing vitality to infusing energy into every cell of your body. Energy medicine can address physical illness and emotional or mental disorders, and can also promote high-level wellness and peak performance. By learning simple energy techniques, you can improve your health, sharpen your mind, and increase your joy and vitality. Energy medicine is both a complement to other approaches to medical care and a complete system for self-care and self-help.

Steven Leigh’s Yoga Energy Mat Package
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Steven Leigh’s Yoga Energy Mat Package features an eco-friendly 24″ x 68″ Natural Jute Mat with 46 permanently fastened Healing Bio-Magnets, a custom Carrying Bag with adjustable strap and breathing vent, and Steven Leigh’s KungYo dvd with Bonus Chi Gong Breathing

Introduction to Reiki Energy Healing: 3 Primary Perspectives

Reiki Energy Healing, although less than 100 years old, is based on an Eastern philosophy that is several thousands of years old. This ancient philosophy is only now beginning to be understood and validated by Western scientists and, as the Quantum Universe continues to fascinate the modern mind, it also serves to legitimize energy-based healing forms like Reiki. This article will be a general Introduction to Reiki Energy
Healing from 3 primary perspectives.
Introduction to Reiki Energy Healing: A Philosophical Understanding
The word, Reiki, is derived from two Japanese root words, ki and rei. Ki is similar in concept to the Chinese qi (or chi) and the Indian prana. It is considered to be the basic energetic substance of everything in existence. Rei is considered to be the Higher Mind or Higher Consciousness that many Westerners typically refer to as “God”.
Reiki, being a fusion of these two, is believed to be Divine Energy. As such, it has its own intelligence and is absolutely pure. Its intent is always positive and it remains forever unaffected by negativity of any kind. This is central to the philosophy because it means that, regardless of human intent, Reiki Energy Healing will always be effective.
Philosophically, the Reiki practitioner positions him- or herself as a channel of sorts, allowing the Reiki Energy to flow through to the individual being treated. There is no need for conscious direction, because Reiki is an Intelligent Force and knows precisely what is needed in each unique case.
Introduction to Reiki Energy Healing: A Spiritual Perspective
From a spiritual perspective, Reiki Energy Healing is a direct and conscious connection with Source Energy. From this view, Reiki is the very foundation and beginning of us all, the Source and truest Essence of all that exists.
While there is original or good ki (called genki) and bad or sick ki (called byoki), Reiki is only ever good and wise and healing.
Many Reiki practitioners who administer Reiki Energy Healing from this perspective even claim to have developed certain sensory faculties that purportedly enhance the Reiki treatment experience.
As an example, many clairvoyants claim the ability to see this divine energy during a Reiki Energy healing session and the effects of its healing power on the human body system are often reported to reveal themselves in brilliant blasts of light.
Reiki is understood to be vibrational and the practitioner can generally increase sensitivity to its presence through the development of inner awareness. The Reiki experience is also frequently reported to have enlightening effects upon the spiritually inclined individual.
Introduction to Reiki Energy Healing: A Scientific Understanding
Scientifically, Reiki Energy Healing is believed to be electrical in nature. Although there is much to be learned yet from this perspective, much progress has been made in recent years for the development of a scientific framework from which to understand and validate energy-based healing modalities like Reiki.
It is understood that every cell, organ, and function within the human body system emits a measurable electromagnetic signal and it is now becoming evident that, in many ways, human interactions occur most profoundly on this level.
The hands of energy healers have been shown to emit strong electromagnetic pulses and when healthy frequencies are placed within the electromagnetic field of an unhealthy organ, they have a balancing effect on the area, resulting in restored equilibrium and restored health to the organ. This is believed to occur through magnetic induction or Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, wherein it has been stated that a change in an electromagnetic field will induce a similar change in the electrical flow of conductors nearby and therefore in their electromagnetic fields.