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Question Personal statistical analysis of respondents?
I am one of those people who can drink 4 or 5 cups of coffee or caffeinated tea per day with no health problems. On average, I drink 3 cups of coffee per day, between 6:30 am and 11:00 am. At 48, I have excellent health and a healthy prognosis based on genetics and lifestyle. I sleep almost 8 hours per night, going to sleep at around 11:00 pm and waking naturally at about 6:30 am. Pretty healthy stuff, really.

Given that I drink an average of 3 cups of coffee before noon, and sleep just fine, why is it that just ONE glass of iced tea or one cup of coffee taken after 1:00 pm will have me staring at the ceiling at 3:00 am? Shouldn’t the caffeine have worn off by then? It seems like a prolonged response to the caffeine to me. Any science=based ideas??

The Best Answer Caffeine is tied in to your circadian rhythm (body clock). I find that its effect can vary greatly, depending on when during the day I consume it.

If you always drink three cups of coffee in the morning, you start the day in a state of withdrawal. Also, your body expects that amount of caffeine at that time. (I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts producing the enzymes to break down caffeine, in anticipation.) As a result, those three cups no longer actually stimulate you; they simply cure the withdrawal and make you feel normal.

On the other hand, if you don’t usually have coffee or tea in the afternoon, you’re not in withdrawal yet, and your body is not expecting it. Hence, it DOES stimulate you.

Question Dear Abby, should I spend my hard earned Ameros on carbon credits, government health insurance or food?
Last week I was Tazed for not showing up at my appointed time for my personal trans-fat intake analysis.

When will we be free again, Abby?
don, you is one angry mofo
reflect upon that

The Best Answer Dear citizen,

Do not worry! We’ve decided to cut out the middle-man completely. We realize that some individuals have had a hard time choosing how to best spend their Amero’s for the benefit of our great and glorious society. Some greedy people have even decided to spend their money in ways that only benefit themselves and their families, or worse, for sheer entertainment!

Due to this greed and destructive decision-making, we have decided to ban the ownership of Amero’s. All property, wealth, and currency shall be collectively owned by the party, who will decide how to best divide it amongst the citizens.

You’ll never be bothered with silly things like making decisions yourself, and besides, we both know you don’t have the capacity to see the best interests of the whole society like our fearless leaders can! Just trust us, and this bother of thinking for yourself shall be done with soon….

How to Get Cheap Health Insurance Online in Missouri

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to pair the words “cheap” and “health insurance.” The cost of health insurance has skyrocketed, rising far faster than the overall rate of inflation. In fact, the cost of health insurance is now so high that fully 15% of all Missouri residents can’t afford health insurance, and as companies continue phasing out their group health insurance coverage, that percentage will undoubtedly rise.

So how do you get cheap health insurance in Missouri? Is it even possible? The answer, fortunately, is “yes.” It is possible to get cheap health insurance – but it may be necessary for you to make a few compromises in order to do so.

First, sit down with a pencil and paper and write down what aspects of health insurance are most important to you and your family, because once you get on one of the comparison websites you’re going to have to make decisions – it’s better to make them now, while you have time to think about them.

For example, how much of a co-payment can you afford each time you visit the doctor? How often do you use the emergency room? Do you foresee any hospital stays for the coming year? How many prescription medications do you regularly use? How important is it that you be allowed to see a certain doctor – and is that doctor covered by the plan?

The answers to these (and other) questions will help you build a health care package that’s right for you.

One of the biggest things you can do to lower the cost of your health care is to adjust your deductible. The larger your deductible – in other words, the more you’re willing to pay for your own health care – the lower your monthly health care premium will be.

For those people who really can’t afford health insurance but don’t want to risk a catastrophic accident or illness wiping out everything they’ve worked and saved a lifetime for, there is another solution: buy health insurance with an extremely high deductible.

For example, a health insurance policy with a $2,000 deductible might be affordable for someone even on a limited budget. What such insurance would effectively mean is that the insured would pay for all of their normal medical expenses. They would pay 100% for doctor’s visits and routine medical exams and even minor surgeries.

Not until after they spent $2,000 of their own money on health care in a year would the insurance begin paying for anything. What good is a policy like that, you might ask?

Such a policy protects your life savings and your home in the event that you have a major illness or you have a major accident – or you simply have to spend more than a night or two in a hospital during the year. Such a policy is a safety net.

But whatever you decide on, your next step is to get online and fill out the form on at least 3 of the many sites that offer comparisons on policies and their prices among various insurance companies offering health care insurance in Missouri.

Remember, none of the comparison sites compares all of the insurance companies in Missouri, so you should get comparisons from at least 3 different sites – in that way you will end up with more overall comparisons and you really will be able to get cheap health care insurance online in Missouri – and be able to design a health care plan that’s right for you and your family.