Covering Up: How to Disguise Stretch Marks

Many people are obsessed about eliminating stretch marks. They’ll submit their skin to countless numbers of stretch marks creams, lotions, and massage therapies only to be disappointed with the results. As a matter of fact, they soon find out that most stretch mark products are not what they claim to be.

After having tried one cream after another, they suddenly come to the realization that the only surefire stretch mark removal procedure is surgery. Only by removing the affected skin can you get rid of these marks permanently. However, not everyone is keen on surgery, if you’re one of these people then you might be interested in finding a more simple approach: covering up your stretch marks.

The Big Cover Up

If you decide that covering up your stretch marks is better than removing them, then you should begin with special body makeup. This type of product is much thicker and more wear-proof than traditional foundation. This is a great way of allowing yourself to wear more revealing clothing, especially during summer.

Clothing is probably one of the most common ways of covering up unsightly stretch marks. If you’re trying you cover up stretch marks that appear on your back or abdomen you can use a longer camisole tucked into your pants. For stretch marks that cover your thighs you can use pants or wear a sarong.

Leggings are another option if you want to hide stretch marks along the back of your knees. Use them with a miniskirt and a nice pair of sandals and your summer look is complete. This outfit can also help protect your skin from sun damage.

If you want to cover up stretch marks that appear on your arms, you can use light weight boleros. Not only will you look fashionable, you’ll manage to keep your stretch marks covered up while you stay cool during summer. You can even find netted garments made from cotton that can provide coverage without being too warm. If you wear netted garments, make sure that you use sunscreen as the openings can let in enough UV radiation to produce sunburn.

Another great way of covering up stretch marks is with a spray-on tan or self tanning lotions. This is a better option than getting a real tan that will only darken the skin around the stretch marks and make them stand out. However, self tanners will help cover the skin evenly and keep you from excess solar exposure.

Stretch Mark Products – There are Those you can Trust

If you’re tired of your stretch marks, unwilling to undergo surgery, and wanting to show some skin during summer, then there are still some products you can use, such as rose hip oil. This amazing natural extract has been used for centuries to treat a variety of skin problems.

It is thought that rose hip oil has a vitamin rich composition that is ideal for treating stretch marks. This product is high in Vitamin A, which is important for skin health. This vitamin is responsible for helping the body repair damaged skin while also promoting the production of new, healthy skin cells.

You can try to prevent stretch marks, but sometimes it’s inevitable. As a matter of fact, you can treat your stretch mark problem with a surgical procedure or by trying to cover up the scars, however, a more natural solution would be to try using an effective stretch marks treatment cream such as BIOBODYCREAM. This natural product contains the perfect blend of natural ingredients which can help remove stretch marks safely and effectively.

– Martha Fitzharris