How to Deal with Stretch Marks: Skin Treatment for Bodybuilders

Pregnant women and teenagers are not the only ones prone to developing stretch marks, athletes are also susceptible. Bodybuilders are more likely than other athletes to develop this type of skin problem. Bodybuilding is a sport that is constantly pushing your skin to its limit.

However, you don’t have to keep from practicing your favorite sport to prevent or treat stretch marks. Follow these simple guidelines if you want to keep your skin supple and elastic while bulking up.

Preventing Stretch Marks

A balanced diet is key to a bodybuilder’s overall state of health. Bodybuilders must bulk up by increasing their caloric intake. This necessarily means putting on more pounds and expanding their body size.

However, as bodybuilders make their way to a bulkier body they may be doing it inefficiently (dirty bulk) instead of reaching their goal in a more efficient manner (clean bulk). Clean bulk is the ideal bulking method for any bodybuilder. This means that their diet should consist of healthy but highly caloric foods. These foods include lean meats, whole grain rice and pasta, low fat pasta and sweet potatoes.

Dirty bulking means increasing calories by eating junk food. In this case, junk food could be accompanied by healthy foods or not. Stretch marks are usually associated to poor diets, so dirty bulking wouldn’t be too recommendable if you’re trying to avoid stretch mark formation.

You can improve your circulation with regular exercise. Nutrients and waste are carried through the blood, so better circulation means better use of nutrients and a less toxic body. Improving your body’s circulation will also help fortify your skin.

Habits such as smoking are noxious to your health especially if you’re an athlete. Smoking can also rob your skin it of its elasticity and make it weak and fragile. The less elastic your skin is, the more likely it will be to develop stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Treatment

You can rid stretch marks from your skin by choosing the right stretch mark treatment. You can also try a microdermabrasion cream to slowly eliminate them.

Natural skin care products containing all natural ingredients such as rose hip oil and Helix aspersa muller extract, have shown amazing results when treating teenage and pregnancy stretch marks. Finding products that contain either one of these products means finding a product capable of eliminating damaged tissue and replacing it with healthy tissue.

Microdermabrasion is also a very popular technique used to eliminate scars. This method works by inflicting a tiny bit of damage to a particular area. By doing this, it provokes a biological response that stimulates the replacement of dead cells with new cells.

Ever so slowly a scar is replaced by normal skin tissue. This treatment is also used to treat wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging.

BIOBODYBALM is an amazing natural skin care cream that can help you prevent stretch marks and treat other body scars. However, if you fancy a more intense treatment such as microdermabrasion for stretchmarks, then you might want to try BIOSKINEXFOL, an at home microdermabrasion cream.

– Martha Fitzharris