Stretch Marks – Everyone Is At Risk!

If you thought that stretch marks where something that only affected pregnant women, well, have I got a surprise for you. Stretch marks are a skin condition that can affect any skin type no matter sex or race. Sounds scary to know that something you thought was only for pregnant women could affect you too.

Stretch marks for everyone!

Let’s get down to business! Stretch marks are just another fancy way of saying “under-the-skin-scar”. You know it! If we were to take a closer look at a stretch mark we’d realize that it’s nothing more than a scar located underneath the skin. This makes it difficult to treat but not impossible. So what you should be asking yourself is how do you get rid of stretch marks if they are below the skin?

How to get rid of striae stretch marks

Few people really trust stretch mark removal creams or believe that there exists a remedy for stretch marks that can effectively remove stretch marks. This is mostly due to the lack of information given about striae. If we put thing into perspective a stretch mark is nothing more than a scar and as such requires similar treatment.

In essence, stretch marks are actually scar tissue created by your own body to heal the damage caused by overly stretched skin. When the skin is forcefully stretched due to pregnancy, puberty, weight gain, or even rapid muscular growth the overstretching of the skin destroys its elasticity and resilience. In order to restore elasticity you need a stretch marks treatment that contains ingredients capable of stimulating fibroblast proliferation, and that contain biological substances that signal the body to regenerate collagen, elastin and glyco molecules.

Stretch mark treatment requires enzymes and messenger molecules to bridge communication between cells and allow them to differentiate scar tissues from functional healthy tissues and degrade them into their amino-acid components to then rebuild healthy tissues. This can be achieved with the help of a very specific natural ingredient found in certain natural products.

This biological ingredient is capable of assisting stretch mark prevention by regaining skin’s firmness, suppleness, strength, and elasticity. Additionally, the biological molecules formed by complex sugar chains and peptides, proteins and enzymes are capable of promoting the proliferation of the structural elements found in healthy skin, such as collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans.

Stretch mark treatment should not be treated specifically as a female skin condition that only caters to pregnant women. It should also be able to treat teenagers, body builders, men, and women that have not experienced childbirth. So when looking for treatment and prevention make sure to look for ingredients that help your body face the straie dilemma.

BIO BODY CREAM is an all natural stretch marks treatment that is capable of treating teen stretch marks and male stretch marks as well as pregnancy stretch marks. It is a very natural and way to treat your skin. Nevertheless, if you need a home microdermabrasion treatment then you might try BIOSKINEXFOL. It is a natural product that works best for other scar types such as old, rough marks. You shouldn’t just concern yourself with treating stretch marks, you should also worry about preventing them.

– Martha Fitzharris