Health Insurance Tips – Monsoon Health Care

Monsoon has arrived and it is a right time to watch your food intake during this season. This season brings the excitement that makes you feel tempted to taste spicy, road-side snacks but it also brings the germs and bacteria that may cause you health problems.

Cough cold, flu and water-born diseases such as cholera, gastroenteritis are frequently observed health problems during rainy days. Handle them effectively with your regular kitchen ingredients. A little care can keep the monsoon troubles at bay. A comprehensive health insurance will also aid you, in case you have chronic health problems. Read more to know the basics of Monsoon healthcare.

Maintain personal hygiene

  • Wash your hands properly with a medicated soap before and after consuming food. Regular hand wash with a mild sanitizer also serves the purpose. Follow it with almond oil or baby cream. Applying Eucalyptus or thyme oil will also sanitize the skin.
  • Wear clean and dry clothes. Go for cotton and synthetic fabrics during monsoon. Keep a pair of garments with you while traveling.

Drink boiled water and avoid consuming uncovered Food
This is a common yet extremely effective advice. Boiled water is pure and consumption of the same also helps you to digest food in a right way. Avoid eating the street-side foods like deeply fried fritters, fruits slices and other such snacks. Have light and freshly cooked meals.

Consume hot foods
Have lots of hot, home-cooked foods like soups, curries, freshly cooked vegetables. Keep sipping lukewarm water between meals. Make use of the following ingredients while cooking to get rid of some common Monsoon ailments:

  • Ginger is an excellent digestive herb. Start your day with a ginger tea or basil tea, which has medicinal value and works as a preventive measure for gastric problems, cold and cough. Also, few sips of honey and carrot juice help curing throat infection, which is a common problem in this wet weather.
  • Garlic consists of anti-viral and anti-fungal activities that cure the cold, stomach infections and increases your overall stamina. Consumption of hot garlic soup or garlic juice mixed with onion juice in hot water works as a magic for cold and flu.
  • A hot curry made by tamarind, butter and pepper also helps to clear the nasal passage and gives relief from cold. For those, who prefer non-veg, hot Chicken Soup is considered as one of the most beneficial of all of the hot liquids that cure cold and cough. Also, hot foods like spicy curries, mustard sauce help to clear the nasal blockage.
  • Seasonal fruits and leafy vegetables such as apples, plums, lichies, apricots, spinach, carrots, cauliflowers, radish, fenugreek, lettuce should be included in daily meals. Eating an apple everyday provides basic nutrition and protection to your body. You should practice eating it more than reading it as an old proverb.
  • A natural antibiotic like Goldenseal is beneficial when there is greater nasal infection during the rainy season. Peppermint candy and herbal teas are also very good at helping to fight with the monsoon ailments.

The regular spices, herbs and other kitchen paraphernalia can be so useful to handle the common monsoon ailments. These simple home remedies give you a natural relief and save you and your family from spending money on unnecessary bills and medication.

Warm Up
Don’t skip your exercising schedule. Try to work-out more indoors. Many of us tend to get gloomy during monsoon. Exercise is the best way to manage your emotional health care. Learn new things like Yoga, dance or Martial Arts. Start your day with a group exercise or hit a local gym or a health club with a buddy.

In case of extreme emergencies, a health insurance policy will cover you and your family against sudden medical contingency or bodily injury. Many insurance companies offer extensive medical insurance that includes a list of benefits such as free health check-up coupon, tax benefits, cashless claim and EMI facility.