What You Should Know About Low Cost Health Insurance

If you have any permanent health problems, such as type 1 diabetes, or have had cancer at one time in your family history, your monthly health insurance cost could easily be more than the house and car payment combined. If you have always had a health insurance benefit where you work and especially if you were a state or federal employee and now need to buy your own, you may not be able to afford the level of coverage you used to have. You want to know what to look for in a good but low cost health insurance.

There are many different plans available today in the US. And low cost health insurance is definitely available – if you know where and how to find it. Health insurance is simply the coverage of medical claims of an individual, against the medical costs.

Many people don’t realize that people without health insurance have bad teeth because, if you’re paying for everything out of your own pocket, going to the dentist for an exam seems like a luxury. It’s important to know what you need to look for in a good plan, so when you’re looking for cheaper insurance, you want the lowest cost per year that will fit into your budget of course.

Buying insurance online is one way to save money because the insurance company saves money because they don’t have to pay an agent a commission; this could mean as much as 10% to 15% savings for you. You can charge your payments to a credit card for online insurance which means you probably aren’t going to forget about a payment and ever be without insurance and still gives you another 30 days before you actually need to pay. Although it increases your risk, one way to lower your costs is to ask for a higher deductible; if you’re in good health you’ll more than likely come out ahead, barring the unforeseen accident etc.

One big advantage of buying health insurance online is you can easily change your coverage, deductibles, or payment options with just a few clicks of the mouse rather than going through any paperwork delay with a local agent. In case your doctor decides that something is a medical necessity and it’s not covered under your current plan, the insurance company may exercise its discretion in paying for it, but don’t hold your breath. And heart-attack victims who don’t have insurance are less likely to receive angioplasty. You want to avoid having to face a $100,000 open heart surgery without any health insurance at all.

Your local agents may only be able to offer what they have available to them and not be able to offer you what’s best for you both financially and health-wise. And, of course, every other country in the industrialized world insures its citizens; despite the extra hundreds of billions of dollars we spend each year, we leave forty-five million people without any insurance at all.

Also there are several providers that offer cheap health insurance with low cost premiums for single people. People who have pneumonia and don’t have insurance are less likely to receive x-rays or consultations. One of the most important things to remember is that finding low cost health insurance is realizing that the main purpose of any insurance policy is to protect you from major medical financial losses, not to protect you from spending small amounts of money on doctor visits.

Online agents can help you submit any insurance claims necessary; you don’t need a local agent. Another way to lower your cost is to eliminate any coverage that you’ll not likely need such as maternity coverage.

Another way you might look for low cost insurance is to ask your doctor for suggestions. Cheap or low cost health insurance does mean a lower price and in some cases a lower quality, but the price may be more important to some people than the quality of the health plan.

To sum up: for people without pre-existing conditions or other complicating factors, a simple health insurance plan with a high deductible may be appropriate. There are many options online. Finding the best plan does not simply mean looking for the lowest premium but it means fully understanding all of the costs that are involved in your policy. So taking out insurance with higher deductibles and spending a little time online comparing quotes from at least five or more companies, will help you find the best low cost health insurance.

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