Allergic Asthma Treatment

Allergic Asthma Treatment

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There are many chemicals which are used with allergic asthma treatment – but chemicals should only be used if you can’t help the problem in other ways, first. One of the most effective things to do is remove the allergens which cause asthma, in the first place. Some of the offending substances include:

Changes it the weather
Strong emotions such as stress
Animal pet dandruff or hair
Airborne chemicals
Tobacco smoke
Dust mite or cockroach feces
Cold weather or the breathing of chilled air
Respiratory infections such as a cold

Sometimes even aspirin or other non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) can cause it.

Cockroaches have been a thing which has been shown to cause the problem. Since airborne chemicals can also be one of the pollutants, don’t spray with chemical poisons in your attempt to rid yourself of the infestation. Boric acid is a powder which is very effective way to rid yourself of cockroaches. Sprinkle a line of the powder along the baseboards, particularly behind the stove and inside back-edges of your cupboards.

You can get boric acid powder at hardware stores, or on-line. Realize that it’s a poison, so if you have children, don’t let them be exposed to that. Also make sure that it doesn’t get on your plates or dishware.

Another way of getting rid of cockroaches includes the use of roach motels. These are little cardboard boxes which have glue inside. The cockroaches walk across the glue, getting stuck. Then you just throw them away. Since the cockroaches aren’t actually killed using this method, you should fold the box flat before you throw it away, then step on it to instantly kill all the cockroaches so they don’t just starve to death.

When trying to hit upon an effective allergic asthma treatment, removing the allergen can be the most effective way of doing that. Dust mites live in your bedding, on your pillowcase, and in the bedroom rug. Dusting with mite powder might be a solution, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that on your bed. Plastic covers help keep them from the mattress. Buy a new mattress, then cover it with a hypo-allergenic cover. There are also pillowcases and sheets designed to not hide the little creatures. Know that dust mites aren’t really the problem, their feces are. That is what causes the symptoms.

Mold is one of the allergens that might be causing the reaction. Mold comes in many forms and many types, but one that can be a problem is penicillin. Remember when taking penicillin that it can get into your house. It has been said that, if you place bread that’s been dampened into a zip-lock bag and place it in the fridge, if it grows green mold, the possibility is high that that’s penicillin. We’ve over-used it so much that it gets everywhere.

Penicillin is becoming a problem in the home, where it causes a thing called ‘Sick House Syndrome’. If you’re taking penicillin, try opening the bottle outdoors when you take the medication. Clean your refrigerator with pure bleach and let it sit there a few minutes. Bleach kills fungus spores. When you’re trying to find an allergic asthma treatment, consider trying to get rid of the allergens.


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