Advice for People Who Want to Make Lucid Dreaming Supplements

If you’re the type of person who is the “do it yourself-er” you might be interested in making your own lucid dreaming supplements. You can, but you need to be careful as there is an opportunity to get too much of a good thing!

The most important thing to keep in mind is that natural roots and herbs can be very potent, and may also be hard to measure. That being said, maybe you should first experiment on making a nice pillow that will allow you to breath in aromas that will relax you, and have been proven to help people have more vivid lucid dreams.

You’ll need a pillowcase, of course, and it would be helpful if you put all of these ingredients in something a little smaller and put it under your current pillowcase when you are trying to have a lucid dream. For stress relief, lavender is the most used flower so it is advisable to add that to your “potion.” The easiest way to find it is in a soap, dried flowers or maybe even a light perfume.

For vivid dreams you’ll want to add some hops (another flower). We know that hops have proven themselves because they are found in a lot of top of the line Lucid Dreaming Supplements. Then you can add a variety of other herbs and flowers such as rose petals, lemon verbena and lemongrass, mint and orange peel. I think it’s worth a try, even if it does seem like you’re getting ready for a tea party. If you have success with the pillow, at least you’ll be able to make it again and again.

Most people don’t really have the do-it-yourself attitude and it can be quite expensive to buy all those roots and herbs separately; it might be better to discover lucid dreaming supplements that are already pre-mixed and include a sleeping aid as well as something that will induce vivid, colorful lucid dreams.

The preferred root that many Lucid Dreaming Supplements include is valerian root but actually, its effectiveness has not yet been proven. There were some clinical trials done though that suggest that valerian is helpful as a mild sleep aid but doesn’t send you into such a deep sleep that you won’t remember your dreams; it’s less potent than a sleeping pill but seems to work like one.

It’s kind of interesting that valerian root was originally intended for the treatment of anxiety disorders but it did not prove itself in this area either. It did prove itself as a sleeping aid though; which was discovered as the tests for anxiety were continuing; people fell asleep sooner and woke up less tired than before. Therefore it was decided that it could be a good lucid dream sleep aid and was beneficial for stress relief.

Making Any Type of Lucid Dreaming Supplements in Pill Form could Be Hazardous to Your Health! Visit for Information and Supplement Resources.

– Eva Becker