Natural Appetite Control Can Be Achieved Through Hypnosis 2.0 So You Can Lose Weight

Have you had it with dieting? Do you lose two pounds and gain back five? Do you get your hopes up whenever a new “miracle” diet arrives on the scene, only to find out that you still cannot beat your cravings?

What you need is a diet that lets you lose weight by sitting and watching the television. Think it’s a fantasy? Go on and keep reading.

You have probably read and probably heard the data: We as a society are getting fatter than ever before. From young to old, the stats tell the tale: Obesity is epidemic. Why?

There are many explanations, but here is one explanation that I don’t think you have heard: We have been programmed, hypnotized–if you will–to pay for and consume more and larger portions of everything, especially junk food, sugary soft drinks and fast food.

How did this come about? What could possibly have such a powerful, insidious outcome on so many millions of people? The answer is sitting in your living room. It is your TV.

Yes, advertisers have slowly and knowlingly hypnotized you. They market their empty calories using the most potent and effective advertising medium ever invented: TV commercials.

Commercials are carefully crafted to entice and motivate. They can literally make your mouth water as you watch a sizzling steak being delivered to a table or a delectable candy bar being devoured by an overly happy, and physically fit actor.

What is happening to you during these commercials? You are being hypnotized! Your mind is being programmed to want…even NEED…a candy bar of your own, right NOW!

The commercial is zoomed in on the candy bar so it dominates the entire screen. You see practically every grain of processed sugar, they get so close!

And guess what? You are probably salivating right now, at this very moment, just from this description? Your mind has conjured up images that were memorized deep in your unconscious from when you watched TV commercials long ago. Can you see how potent the video images on TV can be? Yes, they can control even your physical reactions!

If you are familiar with hypnosis, then you know that it is the alpha level of consciousness. You pass through this daydream like state as you fall asleep at night. And you pass through it again as you wake up in the morning. Research has demonstrated that if you watch much TV, you are in this alpha state for two-thirds of your viewing time. What can you do to overcome this programming?

First, of course, you could stop watching TV commercials. But what about the programming that advertisers have already embedded in your subconscious? How do you eliminate it and reprogram your thoughts? Video hypnosis made you put weight on, and video weight loss hypnosis will present the solution to your problem.

If you have read this far and you still think that I am jesting, I promise you that I am not kidding! Video lose weight hypnosis is for real and a United States Patent was granted on the methodology! Here is a semi-technical explanation of why and how it works:

The average person feels oral cravings and oral urges for two main reasons: A. When people feel tense, they feel compelled to put something into their mouths because it provides relaxation and pleasure.

B. When a man pairs eating with any other behavior, the other behavior will trigger cravings and a compulsion to eat.

Let us talk about Part “B” first. Over seventy percent of our population learns much more quickly and easily based on what they see, rather then by what they hear. Think about it for a moment: If you feel an urge to eat or smoke as you watch TV, it is because your unconscious recorded the video image of either a cigarette in your hand, or food in your hand, and then associated that image, with the image of the TV. From that point on, every time that you watch TV, your subconscious flashes the mental image of the cigarette or food in your hand, and you get cravings and urges.

So you have actually “programmed” your unconscious to make you feel cravings and urges as a “conditioned response” to watching TV. The same thing happens when you eat when you watch a movie, or when you talk on the phone, etc.

Video weight loss hypnosis will snuff out the conditioned responses. It will retrain your subconscious mind to have the TV (or whatever) trigger unconscious images of you watching the TV without eating.

When the video weight loss hypnosis makes you lose your unconscious image of food, you lose your appetite. When you see yourself in a behavior, you get a compulsion to generate that behavior. So with video lose weight hypnosis, you will actually get a compulsion to reject food when you watch TV.

But what about Part “A”? Our feelings of tension are created by our thoughts. If you think upsetting thoughts, you experience tension and upset. If you think happy thoughts, you feel happy and relaxed.

If you think an unpleasant thought while you are doing work on your computer, your mind can associate that thought with the computer. And thereafter, when you sit down at your computer, you have a conditioned response, your mind flashes to that upsetting thought and you feel tense.

The methodologies used in video weight loss hypnosis are based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This technology works based on the utilization of a person’s existing thought processes instead of post-hypnotic suggestion. With NLP, we use the thought processes that are creating your problems, to eliminate your problems.

Video lose weight hypnosis can program your subconscious to use upsetting thoughts as a trigger for joyful thoughts. So if you start to think of something that is upsetting, your unconscious will automatically change to a joyful thought in a millisecond. You become relaxed, so there are no feelings of tension to cause you to feel oral urges and cravings. And when you lose your appetite to overeat, it is easy to lose weight and keep it off permanently. Medical research has proven that all of the popular diets work well. But it has also proven that most people fail with those diets because they cannot stick to them because their appetite is out of control!

(c) 2007 By Alan B. Densky, CH. This document may be re-printed as long as it is not altered and the author’s name and clickable links are retained.

Alan B. Densky, CH is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. His practice offers the video technology trade named Neuro-VISION, for lose weight hypnosis and for stop smoking hypnotism. Visit his website for Free hypnosis articles, newsletters, and MP3s.

– Alan Densky