Complementary Medication And Alternative Medicines for Premenstrual Syndrome

Okay ladies, its time to talk about PMS. Premenstrual Syndrome is something that happens once a month and the severity definitely varies among women. Some women have emotional and physical symptoms that completely disrupt their lives while others experience minimal symptoms.

The typical treatments for PMS are over the counter medications that can help with the bloating, irritability, headaches, and other symptoms.

The most common of these medications is Midol and Tylenol PMS. However, there are plenty of complementary medication and alternative medicines that can help. Although any man who lives or knows a woman who suffers from PMS will most likely complain about it, the woman definitely has it worse. It is terrible feeling bloated, ugly, irritable, unstable, depressed, not to mention the pain and discomfort as well. Complementary medication and alternative medicines are available so that this time of the month does not have to be so disruptive.

Complementary medication is taken in conjunction to the traditional medications. Therefore, this could include drinking a chamomile tea to relax the muscles and help with the sleep deprivation while taking an over the counter medication or birth control pill. Alternative medicines are used instead of traditional medications. Therefore, women who are not on a steady birth control pill or do not want to take over the counter medications should look into the alternative medicines.

Alternative medicines do not have to be something that is ingested. Complementary medication and alternative medicines can consist of relaxation methods, exercise, diet change, and other treatments. Relaxation techniques usually involve breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation. This can help reduce the irritability as well as the mood swings. For women who get depression with their PMS, something called sleep deprivation therapy could help. It has been proven that women who experience at least one night of recovery sleep typically do not experience as much depression with their PMS. This means that at least one of the nights during PMS or the actual period, it is helpful to get around three or four extra hours of sleep. This helps the body recover from the stresses of the PMS and period.

Another common complementary medication and alternative medicines therapy is bright light therapy. This is when women intakes cool white florescent light in the mornings during the time of PMS can reduce the symptoms. Regardless of what symptoms need to be helped, there are tons of options and choices for complementary medication and alternative medicines for women who suffer from PMS, and let us face it, the men in their lives as well.

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