Choosing The Right Endometriosis Alternative Medicine

There are so many to choose from that you are bound to find the right endometriosis alternative medicine for you. With alternative treatments there is also the added benefit of not worrying about the risks and discomforts of surgery, or taking strong prescription medicines to relieve your symptoms during endometriosis flare-ups.

Endometriosis is a physical condition that effects women almost exclusively. The ailment is caused by the growth of endometrial tissue in the wrong areas of the body. The endometrial tissue is usually produced and maintained within the lining of the uterus, or the womb.

However due to several factors, these tissues can grow in the back, in the intestines, in the lymph nodes and in many other parts of the body. So, in the days before and during menstruation, these areas experience pain. During menstruation, endometrial tissue sheds and bleeds with the misplaced tissue having no way of being expelled from the body.

Women have been suffering from this condition for quite some time now, but it used to be dismissed by doctors. However, due to greater understanding of the condition and as the result of research, there are more ways to alleviate pain and discomfort of endometriosis and you have many choices for the treatment of the disorder. You have the option of trying alternative means if you fear undergoing surgery or don’t want to rely on taking prescription medicines, which almost always lead to side effects.

There are five popular endometriosis alternative treatments that you can consider if you want to feel comfortable during your menstrual period. You can be sure that if properly administered these treatments are safe, effective and won’t cause adverse side effects.

You might have seen treatments when needles are inserted to various parts of the body. The practice seems a little scary, but it is proven to be effective, and the Chinese people can attest to that. Acupuncture can be a very effective endometriosis alternative remedy, and many women can testify to that.

Through using the placement of needles to increase blood circulation in the reproductive system and the parts of the body where endometrial tissues are growing, acupuncture effectively gives women relief during endometriosis attacks. What is better is that the treatment only lasts a few minutes and does not require the intake of any substances.

As you probably already know there are medicinal plants for every ailment. Most of these plants are herbs, which grow easily. Because herbs are direct sources of medicines, you are ensured that such treatments are free from artificial chemicals, which may bring harmful side effects to your body.

Through homeopathy, your body is provided the essential substances it needs to combat pain and alleviate endometriosis. The difference of homeopathy from herbalism is that aside from herbs, homeopathy also makes use of oils and nutrients from animal and mineral or rock sources.

Naturopathy is more about improving the lifestyle so there is a balance of hormones and nutrients within the body. Through adopting naturopathy techniques, you would be able to prevent or overcome pains during endometriosis flare-ups.

Of course, the essential oil of herbs and other oils can be applied to help relieve your discomfort during endometriosis attacks. You don’t need to eat or drink those herbs. You can apply them to the skin like lotion, or burn them to make scents that could be smelled within a room so your body can absorb the necessary substances to ease pains during endometriosis.

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Most of the above endometriosis alternative medicine options are suitable for use alongside mainstream treatments, however you should consult your doctor prior to starting one in case of any negative reactions to existing treatments.

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