An Overview Of Rental Store Units In Olathe

Olathe storage industry has been attracting good business over the last decade or so. As the population of the city increases, the demand for extra space too increases. Recent estimates show that the population of the city has exceeded six-figure mark. In addition, Olathe is the fifth largest city in the state of Kansas and also the seat of Johnson County. Just like the other businesses, the business of rental store units too has benefited from the growth of the city.


Still, several people, mainly people new to the city, do not know how to find a suitable store unit in the city. This article intends to help such people by providing an overview of the types of rental units available in Olathe storage sector.

Types Of Rental Units


One can find many types of store units in the city. Several of the store houses are multi-purpose facilities. That means one can store almost all kinds of items in such units. In addition, there are some specialized units. These units are specially designed for storing specific items. The following are the types of rental store units available in the city:


1. Climate-controlled store units
2. Boat and RV store units
3. Furniture store units
4. College store units

Not all store units offer all of these facilities. Some businesses in Olathe storage sector provide many of the above-mentioned facilities; while some units provide only one or two specialized facilities.


Climate-Controlled Units

These units have facilities to control the interior temperature. Hence, these are also called temperature-controlled units. One can set the temperature within a certain range. Needless to say, store units having this facility are more expensive than the others.


However, certain items necessitate temperature control facility. Take for instance the case of storing wines. One should provide different temperature settings for different types of wines. Similarly, if one wants to store certain kinds of food items and antique furniture also, one must opt for Olathe storage units with climate control facility.


Boat And RV Store Units

As the name indicates, these units are used for storing boats, recreational vehicles (RV), and other kinds of vehicles. There exist two kinds of boat and RV store units. First is the indoor store facility and the second is the outdoor store facility. Names are self explanatory. Indoor store units are more reliable and hence more expensive than outdoor units.


Furniture Store Units


These are mainly used for storing furniture and other household accessories. Such units are dry and sturdy rectangular or square shaped rooms. Moreover, these are available in many sizes. In Olathe storage sector, one can find store units ranging from 25 square feet to 500 square feet. Normally, as the size increases, the price also increases. These are ideal for cost-effectively storing household accessories and furniture. People normally hire these units when renovating the house or when relocating to another house.


College Store Units

Such units are intended for College students. Normally, these are cost-effective units that offer long-term storing solutions for university and College students. One may not find climate-controlled facility in such units. However, there will not be any compromise on security facilities.