3 Good Reasons To Change To Alternative Medicine For ADHD

One good reason to change from ADHD drugs to a healthier safer alternative is that psychotropic drugs or psychostimulants are still classed as Schedule II drugs. That means that people on these drugs are considered at risk of substance abuse and are blocked form certain federal posts, the military and becoming pilots. I have just read about a student pilot who is 20 and who failed his medical because he had been on Concerta. As a result he was not able to take his first solo flight and is now looking for an alternative medicine ADHD cure. Nobody wants an impulsive pilot.

The second reason is that ADHD drugs will only alleviate symptoms so that is another reason to change over to alternative medicine. I know a kid who is 16 who is violent at school and home and has frequent outbursts and meltdowns. His parents have lost count of how many times he has been suspended from school. While the drugs do help him to stay focused, his behaviour has not gotten any better and it may even be worse. This is basically the reason why the American Association of Pediatrics has come out strongly in favour of behaviour modification or therapy as that is the most effective way of controlling behaviour in any kid. It has also been shown that in the long term, medications lose their effectiveness, even after only 14 months.

The third reason to change to alternative medicine ADHD is that I know that Facebook and other social networking sites have been invaded by some pharmaceutical companies who have built profiles and are offering some biased help to unfortunate parents. One of the companies has over 8,000 fans on Facebook. Nothing wrong with building a profile on Facebook! The problem is that there is no objective, unbiased information on these profiles or indeed on any of the websites sponsored by these companies about the negative effects of these medications. Why is there no mention of FDA warnings?

How come that no one seems to be aware of or know about the long term effects of these medications on children’s brains? Big Pharma’s best efforts do not seem to be good enough and finally they are now being questioned by prestigious institutions and researchers

If parents can take on the challenge of getting to grips with ADHD behavior modification and use alternative medicine ADHD such as a homeopathic remedy which has no side effects, then the ADHD challenge can easily be overcome.

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what Natural ADHD treatment is available.