Is Meditation A Useful Form Of Therapy To Cure Stress, Anxiety Disorders And Panic Attacks Or Is It A Waste Of Time?

Is meditation a useful form of  therapy to cure stress,anxiety disorders and panic attacks  or is it a waste of time?

By Dennis Fisher.

There are many people who are very happy indeed with the results they have been able to obtain from meditation.  They say meditation helped them cure their anxiety, stress and frequent panic attacks and brought tranquility, calm and harmony into their lives.There are others, however, who consider meditation to be very much overrated and, as far they are concerned, a waste of time.

 They say they tried various forms of meditation to get rid of anxiety and nervous tension, but found it of no help at all. 

Instead of  benefiting from a feeling of complete relaxation from meditation, they found sitting for long periods every day in the uncomfortable position demanded by the system of meditation they practiced, not only time-consuming  but also physically and mentally tiring.

 If you suffer from stress, anxiety and nervous tension and are considering meditation as a way to relieve your stress without medication, who should you believe?  Whose advice should you follow?  

It’s sometimes difficult to decide.  There are almost as many people dissatisfied with the results they have obtained from meditation as those who speak in glowing terms of the benefits they have managed to obtain.

Why is it that some people have excellent results from meditation and others find it a waste of time?  Is meditation of any value at all?

In order to get a balanced and objective assessment of the value of meditation, it is important to study unbiased reports from prestigious Universities who have carried out detailed studies of meditation.

Clinical proof that meditation really works

 Many reliable, objective studies, carried about by well-known institutions, such as Harvard Medical School, the University of California and prestigious English Universities, provide conclusive proof that meditation, carried out in the correct manner, definitely does relieve stress.  It also results in important beneficial changes in the body. 


Study by Professor Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard.

One of many objective investigations to test the validity of claims made for Meditation, was carried out by a well-known Harvard Professor, Dr. Herbert Benson.

Dr. Benson conducted a series of clinical studies at Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas. He subsequently published  his findings in his widely-acclaimed  book, “THE RELAXATION RESPONSE”.  

In this book, Dr. Benson confirmed meditation was responsible for definite biochemical changes to the body.  These changes brought about noticeable changes in blood pressure, heart rate and metabolism.

What type of meditation should you use to reduce stress?

Some forms of meditation are relatively simple and easy to follow.  Others are very involved; extremely difficult to follow and take years to master.

There are  a great variety of breathing techniques; different postures to adopt while meditating; different ways to focus  on a single thought and a number of different recommendations how to avoid distracting thoughts that  interfered with concentration.

For the beginner, anxious to choose the most effective type of meditation, one that will provide the maximum health benefits and is also easiest to master in the quickest possible time, the choice can be very confusing.

If it is possible to obtain personal, unbiased advice and a recommendation from someone who has been involved with meditation for a lengthy period, this is always very useful.  If not, it is probably best to try a number of different methods, and then decide which particular technique you are most comfortable with.

After experimenting with a number of different techniques you will find that the most complicated method is not necessarily the most effective. 

There definitely are meditation techniques that are both extremely easy to master and also very effective indeed in helping you cure stress and ending your stress-related anxiety disorders.

Some meditation systems offer free demonstration tapes or videos.  You have the opportunity of trying the particular system of meditation they suggest and judge for yourself whether or not you find it effective.

The particular system of meditation I would like to recommend is one that a great many people have found very effective indeed.  They are convinced it  has been  responsible for ending all symptoms of stress and nervous anxiety and has enabled them to experience a deep sense of calm and harmony in their lives.

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