Recognize the Silent Killer Coming to You: High Blood Pressure

High Blood pressure is known to be the silent killer by the medical practitioners as; it risks life without any warning. Without any serious symptoms and major complications it attacks the human body. Being unrecognized for years it brings severe perils like heart attack, kidney failure and stroke. Beware, silent is not gold in all the cases.

Technically, high blood pressure can be defined as the increased pressure of blood in the wall of the arteries. When arteries carry the blood pumped by the heart, blood flows with a resisting force towards the arteries. Hypertension or high blood pressure is the product of the flow of blood times the resistance in the blood vessels.

Facts about High Blood Pressure

• Uncontrolled blood pressure is the key to deaths, causing from heart failure and other heart diseases.

• The disease remains unrecognized for years as it has no proper symptoms or signs.

• Only way to detect the disease is measuring the blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is less than 120/80 mmHg and a blood pressure of 140/90 or above is considered high.

• Not only stressed and tensed but also a normal healthy person can have high blood pressure.

• Person having a family history of hypertension or high blood pressure is more vulnerable to the disease.

• There is a myth about high blood pressure that it is not a disease but it is and as risky as any other severe disease.

• Smoking heavily, stressed lifestyle, obesity, high cholesterol diet and excessive use of stimulants are the master keys to the high blood pressure.

• High blood pressure is a factor in 67 percent of heart attacks all over the world.

• The key to prevent high blood pressure is a disciplined and healthy lifestyle.

Reasons behind the High Blood Pressure

What actually causes high blood pressure? Still a difficult question to answer as there are no certain reasons defined. Some of the most common reasons observed are chain smoking, heavy consumption of alcohol, mental stress, obesity etc. In some cases genetic factors, consumption of contraceptive pills, pain relievers, thyroid disease, diabetes, and kidney problem are present in the roots of developing high blood pressure.

Signs or Symptoms

No proper symptom but a lot of complications coming to the body is the most striking fact about the high blood pressure. The only way to detect high blood pressure is to

measure the blood pressure. Some most common symptoms are-

 Nervousness

 Fatigue and weakness

 Restlessness

 Insomnia

 Nose bleeding

 Emotional instability

 Dizziness

Treatment and Diagnosis

Doctors diagnose the high blood pressure by measuring the blood pressure and to keep it in control with proper medicines. They have to find out the reason responsible in a particular case for the high blood pressure. Their ultimate goal is to reduce systolic pressure of less than 140mmHg. Blood pressure is monitored regularly at specific time intervals until it is under control or to the normal level. Compounds used for the treatment are ACE inhibitors, Angiotensin-II receptor antagonists, Beta-blockers, Alpha-blockers, Calcium-channel blockers etc.

Reduce your chances of getting High Blood Pressure

Living a healthy lifestyle is your mantra to prevent high blood pressure. To minimize your chances of getting high blood pressure it is necessary to take some initial measures. Some key points are as follows:

 Reduce smoking as it is the most severe factor for high blood pressure.

 Intake of fiber rich diet can reduce the risks.

 Exercise regularly keeps your blood circulation regular.

 Avoid alcohol consumption as much as possible.

 Try to intake only medically prescript high-blood-pressure medicines.

 Try to use some herbal blood pressure reducing supplements which do not have any side effects.

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