Treat Depression Before It Becomes Chronic

Depression is a serious condition affecting many people at any given time. There is some difference between an individual saying that he or she is feeling depressed and someone who is experiencing the clinical form of depression. Occasionally feeling depressed is part of being human. It is normal and natural for people to occasionally feel sad or moody for a day or two. When that feeling becomes extended, however, then the individual may be experiencing depression.

What Causes Depression? Depression can be caused by emotional factors. At times, the world becomes overwhelming and frightening. People experiencing such emotions can become depressed. These overwhelming emotions can be caused by triggering events. At other times, however, there does not seem to be a triggering event for depression. At such times, the actual cause for depression might be genetics, hormonal causes, or chemical imbalances in the body. General anxiety disorder may be associated with the cause of depression as well.

What does Depression Look Like? The symptoms of depression can vary from case to case. People with depression can lack energy or interest in the world. In addition, people experiencing depression may find it difficult to concentrate, and may experience feelings of worthlessness. People experiencing depression may als be restless and find it difficult to sleep. The symptoms of depression must show a change in the manner that a person used to feel or behave. They symptoms of depression may vary based on the age and sex of the individual. Because depression is so variable, the only way to diagnose depression is by a professional.

What is Chronic Depression? Chronic depression is a disease of varying severity. The person who is experiencing chronic depression may even be able to function rather normally; however, they often appear to be unhappy. The symptoms of chronic depression are persistent, but they are not of the same magnitude as those shown by someone experiencing major depression. Chronic depression is also called “dysthymia.”

What is Major Depression? Major depression is the most severe kind of depression that a person can experience. It is possible for a person to experience major depression at one time in his or her life without it becoming chronic or repetitive. In this case, the depression can be said to be “episodic,” and is probably related to a single event and will not be repeated. However, depression can also be “recurrent.” This kind of depression is seen repeatedly over a person’s lifetime, which is separated by periods in which the person is not depressed.

Chronic and major depression can be treated in the same manner as “regular” depression. Depression is responsive to “talk” therapy, as well as to medications. “Talk” therapy is that which most people are familiar, in which the client and the therapist square off with each other either in private or in groups. In addition, medication can be used to treat depression. Various kinds of drugs are available for treatment of depression. Medication is often used in combination with talk therapy. Many people consider this combination to be most effective, as medication can quiet the patient’s symptoms while talk therapy can be used to get to the root of the problem and address it.

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