Acne – Frequently Asked Questions





What causes acne?


Acne is caused when the production of sebum is increased, the gland swells and the oil causes acne. There are glands in your skin called sebaceous glands that produce sebum. This is what keeps the skin and hair moisturized. This is reason that you find acne in areas that have a hair follicle, sebaceous gland and a hair.


What areas are likely to get acne?


The face, arms, neck, shoulders and back. You can get acne everywhere except the palms, soles, top of feet and the lower lip, and the actual placement is dependent on the individual in question.


What makes acne worse?


Oil based make-up, suntan oil, hair gels and sprays make acne worse so stop using them right away. Also avoid stressful places and meetings as this can affect an outbreak of acne. Many people don’t know that stress is a big factor in the outbreak of acne.



Stop squeezing acne spots and trying to pop pimples. This only makes the problem worse and takes a lot longer for the spots to heal. You need to stop this practice right away if you want the acne to heal up faster.


Who can get acne?


Both by and girls, men and women can get acne. Acne is most common for boys and young men because of the levels of hormone changes in their body.


Can over the counter products help acne?


These types of products can work very well for some people. Some people find that these products and treatments are all that they need. If you have a mild form of acne then this will work fine, but if it’s more severe, you will probably need to see your physician and get something prescribed which is a little stronger for your needs.


You can find over the counter products in gel form, creams, lotions and pads. Try some of these and find which one works best for your skin.


What are the most common acne myths?


Eating chocolate causes acne. Acne is not caused by eating chocolate or fried foods and this is a huge myth that needs to be addressed. Acne is also not caused by dirt. Washing your face is essential, but there are more underlying reasons for the acne, as were addressed in the top section of this article.


Another myth is that acne is caused by sexual activity. This is also a myth and has nothing to do with acne.


Should I see a doctor?


Yes. It is always best to see a doctor or physician so that you can get professional advice. This will also make you feel better and give you a route to a cure of your acne.


Do antibiotics work?


In most cases antibiotics completely cure the acne that you are suffering from. For some people, they will need a few courses, but it will certainly reduce the amount of ace that you currently have.


Will I get acne scars?


It depends on whether you pick your spots or try to squeeze them. If you do then you will probably see some scars later on.











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