Foods to Lower High Blood Pressure – Do You Know These Foods

High blood pressure is one of the most deadly issues that hundreds of millions of people face across the world. The condition has left nobody and irrespective of race, religion and gender, high blood pressure can attack anyone, anytime.

Though it is not a disease and just a symptom, its presence can make worry both; the patient and the health care provider. It is because high blood pressure can make many things adverse and in some worse cases, it can even damage any of vital organs in the body such as brain, heart and kidney.

Let us look at foods to lower high blood pressure:

Foods to lower high blood pressure would include edible items those are high in calcium, omega -3 fatty acids, ascorbic acid, potassium, magnesium, etc. Calcium is found to have a great blood pressure-reducing effect. Foods those are high in calcium include dairy product such as milk, fresh cheese, yogurt, broccoli and cabbage, dry beans, fish like salmon, soybeans and tofu etc. Potassium can help bringing down the high blood pressure level. Clinical trials have indicated that when you consume foods high in potassium helps lower blood pressure. Vegetables rich in potassium include tomatoes, potato, cantaloupe, banana, beetroot, Brussels sprouts, avocado, and orange.

Magnesium is proven to have dilating effects on the blood vessels and hence allows the blood to move easier. Foods rich in magnesium include avocado, spinach, almond, sunflower seeds, and barley.

Ascorbic acid is also one of the foods to lower high blood pressure. It expands blood vessels and narrowed arteries, accordingly helps to lower blood pressure. Red cabbage, red bell pepper, citrus fruit (such as mandarin, orange, etc), kiwi, strawberry and potato all are rich in vitamin C.

Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, particularly in trout, salmon and tuna fish and trout are now discovered to help the blood circulation. The presence of these substances prevents the blood to clump and form clots that might bring heart attacks. Flaxseed oils are also believed to be inhibiting the inflammation that forms artery plaques and poor circulation, therefore helps against high blood pressure.

Foods to lower high blood pressure also include garlic since it is proved by several clinical studies. One should also take care of sodium as not among foods to lower high blood pressure since sodium affects blood pressure.

Consume below listed foods to lower high blood pressure:

Green leafy vegetables those are good in calcium and magnesium

Whole grains and legumes that have high fiber contents

Broccoli and citrus fruits are good to lower down the hypertension.

Onions and garlic (also as supplements) are good.

Flaxseed oil, fish oils, nuts, walnuts are good.

Avoiding cooking with bullions help in controlling the high blood pressure

Many health care providers believe that just it is not sufficient to eat just foods to lower high blood pressure since hypertension also requires some other assistance. In addition to dietary alteration, lifestyle modification and some supplements such as Sarpagandha, Indian gooseberry, Rudraksha etc are also important to control the blood pressure. Yogasanas and pranayama also play good role.