Major Depression—the Joy Stealer: How to Reclaim Your Life

Major depression is one of the biggest joy stealers in life. The most severe category of clinical depression, major depression can be triggered by any of three causes .

First, a major trauma in your life can set off a major depression. A severe loss like the death of a loved one, a divorce, a job loss, or other significantly dramatic life experience can start an episode of major depression. or setback or other trauma can trigger a major depression.

Second, you can develop major depression slowly over time if you experience a number of personal disappointments or life problems.

Third, you can simply manifest major depression seemingly out of nowhere. This happens when you develop a chemical imbalance in your brain function. Genetics can also be a cause of this type of depression.

If you’re lucky, you’ll suffer major depression only once in your lifetime. Known as single episode depression, this kind of one-time depression generally responds well to treatment, either medical or alternative.

Unfortunately, many people experience recurring depression. They suffer for weeks or months or even years and then respond to treatment or get well practically overnight. They’ll experience months or years depression-free and then begin feeling depressed again. This type of depression is also treatable, but depression treatment for recurring depression is more complicating and less exact.

When a person suffers from major depression, no matter what the cause, she will struggle with everyday tasks. Getting out of bed in the morning is a major struggle. Focusing is difficult. Pleasure is a thing of the past. The sufferer feels alone and hopeless. Life seems meaningless and purposeless.

So how do you cope with major depression?

You basically have two choices. You can either ride it out and allow it to pass naturally or you can seek depression treatment.

If you’re suffering depression as a result of a major trauma, riding it out is a possible option. Even so, it’s an option that has risks.

Depression that’s caused by trauma may start with a reaction to life events, but it can become chemical. When this happens, the depression may linger far past when you think you should have recovered from your trauma. This lingering depression can go on and on if you don’t get depression treatment.

How long do you want to be without joy in your life?

The smart response to any kind of major depression is depression treatment. Depending on your preferences, either seek medical help and get depression medicine or use alternative therapies like natural depression supplements, energy healing, and depression self care.

Talking through the problems and trauma in your life can help you heal depression. Get therapy or ask for help from loved ones. Don’t suffer through a major depression alone. Keeping your dark despair bottled up inside will only make major depression worse.

No matter what causes your major depression, you can’t afford to let it stay around any longer than necessary. Choose at least one form of depression treatment and make it a daily part of your life. Prioritizing your mental health care will help you heal major depression more quickly.

Major depression robs life of joy. To reclaim your life, take steps to banish major depression.

Andrea Rains Waggener, author of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise—52 Life-Changing Lessons, offers depression help based on personal experience at