Alternative Medicine – Healing Comes From Within

Many people don’t feel good, but don’t really know why. They complain of “unexplained” symptoms such as chronic fatigue, over-weight, depression, memory loss, fibromyalgia, food cravings, headaches, muscle and joint pain, arthritis, intractable back pain, heartburn, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, mood swings, rashes, itching, allergies, attention deficit, dyslexia, hearing and vision loss, balance problems, high blood pressure, insomnia, …the list goes on. Standard medical tests show little or nothing. Many of my patients have reported over the years that their MD’s either ignore these symptoms or give vague explanations such as:

It is because of your age
You just have to live with it
It’s all in your head
It is stress
It is genetic
It is…

What this really means: nobody knows how to determine the cause for all these symptoms.

Allopathic Medicine

Over the past decades traditional western allopathic medicine has come up with extraordinary number of pharmaceutical drugs in order to fight an extraordinary number of diseases. It seemed in the past, and it still appears that way today, that if we only could come up with the right chemical compound we could eventually conquer and eliminate any disease under the sun. This quest for the “Silver Bullet” continues.

Chronic Illness

Somehow, we seem to have missed the mark. With the amount of medication consumed in the USA one would assume that we are the healthiest people on the planet. However, we have more chronic diseases than ever. Even though our life span has been increased, our quality of life has not. Healthy aging eludes many of us. Diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disorders, allergies, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, depression abound.

Alternative Medicine: No Drugs – No surgery

Alternative Medicine – a different paradigm
The power to heal lies within YOU.
YOUR Alternative Medicine practitioner – YOUR coach, your teacher
YOU must take full responsibility
YOU must be willing to CHANGE
Alternative Medicine – There are No Magic Pills

Who we are is the sum total of our genetic strengths and weaknesses, our upbringing, our education, our environment, the quality of our food, the quality of our water, the quality of the air we breathe, the quality of our thoughts, our emotions, our relationships to one another, our capacity to give and receive love and affection, the amount of bad impressions we take in from horrible TV shows, the amount of ever increasing violence we are exposed to in the movies and/or in real life, the functioning of our brain and nervous system, our organs, our organ systems…

Alternative Medicine – The only Question is WHY

The only relevant question to ask: WHY?

Why do you have these symptoms?

Why is your body malfunctioning?

These are of course the most difficult questions to answer.

Alternative Medicine is concerned with the functioning of the entire human being in the context of his or her life. Genetics and life style are part of the equation. Illness and disease are not seen as independent realities that are explainable by being given a name and treated as such. Illness is rather viewed as an expression of some underlying imbalance and breakdown of normal function.

Alternative Medicine – Illness and Premature Aging – a Call for Change!

Biological aging is related to a noticeable decline in normal function. Function of the brain declines with age, so does digestive function, and many other glandular and hormonal functions. Aging can be accelerated by various life style choices:

Smokers have higher risk of age-related diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
People who consume excessive amounts of alcohol have increased risk of liver and cardiovascular problems.
Poor quality/junk food diets that are excessive in carbohydrates (calories) and low in protein and other essential nutrients lead to obesity, diabetes, digestive stress, heart problems and frequent illness in general.
“Recreational” drug users/addicts – you see this in their complexion, their posture, the evidence of their mental decline.
Use and over-use of pharmaceutical drugs – ALL have side effects.
Lack of physical activity and our sedentary life styles decreases brain function.
Inadequate digestive function leads to malnutrition, which in turn affects all aspects of our lives.
Antibiotic use destroys the normal bacterial flora in your intestines.
Antibiotic use causes Candida overgrowth and immune system suppression, with devastating consequences for your health.
Chronic stress accelerates aging
Shallow breathing and/or polluted air leads to oxygen deficiency.
Oxygen starvation leads to cell malfunction, especially in your heart and brain.
Mercury exposure from silver amalgam (mercury) fillings in your mouth is very toxic to your brain.
Environmental toxins in air and water accelerate aging.
Alternative Medicine – Medicine of the Future
“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas A. Edison

We can slow or even reverse our biological aging through intelligent changes in lifestyle, environment, and nutrition:

It is estimated that making appropriate changes can positively influence more than 75 percent of our health and life expectancy after age 40!

The goal of Alternative Medicine is to optimize health through

Chiropractic Neurology
Removing structural stress form spine and joints
Diet and Nutrition
Digestive Support
Homeopathic/Isopathic remedies
Balancing body ph
Improved oxygenation and deeper breathing
Increased physical activity
Brain exercises
Color and light therapies
And more
Health is not seen as merely the absence of disease, but rather as an expression of vitality and well-being. An ever increasing number of healthcare professionals are becoming aware of the shortcomings and failures of allopathic medicine.

Alternative Medicine is slowly coming of age and is the true Medicine of the Future.

Dr. Z – Peter M. Zeischegg received his MS degree in Civil Engineering from Technical University Berlin. In 1986 he is awarded the Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College-West. Through the Occidental Research Institute he is introduced to German Alternative Medicine, Sanum/PleoSanum and Low Level Laser Therapy. In 2001 he launched Alternative Medicine website. He is the Official Guide to to Alternative Medicine.