Some Facts About Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease that can lead to heart problems, stroke, loss of membership due to poor circulation, and death. Research continues to indicate that regular exercise and healthy diet are two factors that can help people prevent diabetes, as well as enable diabetics have functional life. Diabetes is growing fastest in the developing world than in developed countries. Seven of the ten countries with the largest number of people living with diabetes in the developing world. Diabetes is the fifth deadliest disease in the USA. However, studies show that diabetes east sous generally reported on death certificates particularly case elderly multiple chronic conditions cardiaque maladie et hypertension.

Diabetes is emerging from the shadows because the United Nations led the global response and said a resolution on diabetes. Diabetes is divided into two subgroups: type 1 and type 2. The difference is based on whether the problem is caused by a lack of insulin type 1) or insulin resistance (type 2). Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism, a process that converts food into energy. Insulin key in this process, which begins when foods are broken down during digestion to create glucose, the main source of energy in the body.

Diabetes is a serious disease, which if not controlled, can be life threatening. It is often associated with long-term complications that can affect all systems and a body part. Diabetes is diagnosed when fasting blood glucose is 126 more than mg / dl when tested at least twice. Diabetes is a major cause of heart disease and stroke, and the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and amputation of the USA

Diabetes is a handicap when it limits one or more of a person of major activities of life. Activities of life are normal activities of a person can do with little or no difficulty, like eating and taking care of oneself. Diabetes east factor risk major disease heart actually two thirds persons diabetes die some shaped heart or vaisseaux blood disease. Diabetes is defined by high levels of sugar in the blood, it is dangerous because of its possible side effects and consequences.

Exercise and the diet can help

The exercise helps improve fitness, reduce body fat, burn calories and improve muscle tone. Physical activity is essential to good health. The exercise has other benefits as well. Diabetic Diet and Exercise On medical evidence regular exercise actually help prevent a person contracting diabetes and control.

Carbohydrate foods that contain dietary fiber is important, because a diet rich in fibre has been associated with a reduced risk of colon cancers. For people with high blood cholesterol, lower total fat and saturated fat May be recommended. Diabetics still need carbohydrates at each meal, even if carbohydrates increase blood glucose. Without carbohydrates, the body can not produce energy. Carbohydrates are foodstuff decomposed that can be a sugar and more tu these eat, the higher your blood sugar rises. Therefore, you must monitor the amount consumed at each meal to control blood sugar. Carbohydrates high in fiber will take longer to turn into sugar and are preferable.