Learn Seven Steps for Lowering High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes. For example, currently, over forty-three million Americans suffer from high blood pressure. It has also been said that something like ninety per cent of Americans who haven’t got high blood pressure soon will unless the appropriate lifestyle changes are implemented. ‘These facts and figures generally reflect the rest of the western world.

There are three reasons for high blood pressure:

1.Atherosclerotic plaque; fatty deposits lining the inner walls of the arteries, which obstruct blood flow cause high blood pressure.

2.Acid wastes deposit on the inner walls of blood vessels. Because the vessels become narrower, blood pressure has to increase in order keep the same vital blood supply as before.

3.Because of too much acid waste, high blood pressure is caused by a lack of oxygen supply.

Sadly, the above root-causes are not addressed by orthodox medicine. High blood pressure patients are given drugs like lotensin, mevacor or procardia… These drugs work by inhibiting calcium channels. This weakens the heart. In effect, less blood is then pumped out: Hence the blood pressure gauge reads lower than before. But the weakened heart muscle is less able to give vital blood supply to areas of the body: The target organs get less oxygenated blood than before, so side effects start to kick in such as dizziness, sluggishness, fatigue, impotence, loss of memory, mood changes, and depression…

However, with a real commitment towards a healthier diet and lifestyle, this condition may be reversed. ‘This is where the underlying root-causes of high blood pressure can dealt with.

Here are my Seven Steps For Lowering High Blood Pressure: They have no order. As long as all are implemented then success will be yours.

1.Eliminate or reduce acid causing foods from the diet. Certain foods, when eaten, give rise to an acid ash residue when absorbed into the body. There is much information online that distinguishes these foods.

2.Eat more alkaline ash foods. Information on these types of foods can be found online. Alkaline water is also a good option. ‘These factors alkalise the body.

3.Garlic, onions and beetroot are excellent blood pressure lowering foods, which indeed, can be eaten regularly. Other foods include those containing vitamin C and folic acid.

4.Get plenty of vitamin D. Sunlight is an excellent form and pays dividends…about twenty minutes a day will suffice.

5.Exercise. About half-an-hour a day. This lowers high blood pressure, improves cardiovascular function as well as loses weight.

6.Learn to handle stress. For example, meditation has shown to significantly lower blood pressure.

7.On perhaps a more miscellaneous level, get electro-acupuncture. This has shown to greatly reduce blood pressure. Chelation therapy is also effective.

I, Paul Phillips am a health writer researcher. I graduated in ‘Biological Sciences’ which includes biochemistry, physiology and nutrition. I have worked in various related research and development labs. I am always willing to give advice and help people in my field. For a free ebook and much more information please try the link below http://www.HealthNewsLive.net