4 Reasons Why People Should Use Alternative Medicine

Alternative forms of medicine are growing in popularity as people try to find a more holistic approach to their health. Conventional medicine is still very helpful but the underlying effects have sometimes caused people to become more aware of natural approaches to healing and preventative medicine.

1/ One of the reasons alternative medicine has been booming recently is because people are tired of taking a pill or other medication for every bump, bruise and cough. For many people, alternative medicine seems more reliable than so-called modern medicine. After all, modern drugs are recalled on a regular basis while acupuncture has been practiced continuously for more than 5,000 years. In many countries, the rush to make a profit on a new drug often leads to the product being placed on the market before its long-term effects are known. The recent prevalence of this problem has caused many people to seek treatment that is tried and true.

2/ Many people who seek out alternative medicine also do so because they do not want to fill their bodies with the chemicals that are inherent in more traditional medicine. Often the chemicals involved in prescription medication throw the body into a state of imbalance. For example, many antibiotics prescribed to treat infections cannot differentiate between infection and symbiotic organisms that are required for the human body to work as it should. The antibiotic kills off bacteria in the digestive tract and prevents the body from recovering as it should, perhaps prolong the illness.

Because of this overkill mentality in much of modern medicine, people seek out the kinder, gentler care of alternative medicine. And, in some cases wind up being treated with the herbs from which the modern medicine was derived. A foxglove tea is an herbal treatment for heart trouble, an alternative medicine approach. Digitalis, the medication prescribed for many with heart trouble, is a derivative and concentrated form of the plant.

3/ People have begun to place more faith in alternative medicine as most treat the problem rather than the symptoms. Many modern medicines cause additional side effects and the solution of many doctors is to prescribe yet another medication to treat the symptoms. For example, Practitioners of many forms of alternative medicine, including massage therapy and chiropractic, realize that pain is usually a symptom of an underlying problem. In fact, pain is often the last symptom to appear and treating the pain itself is not going to correct the problem. Most people who use modern medicine would rather correct the source of the pain than simply pop a pain pill.

4/ Many people seek out forms of alternative medicine because of its emphasis on preventing injury, illness and disease rather than curing it. Alternative medicine providers will still treat acute illness when it occurs, but they are often more focused on making the lifestyle choices to prevent such things from happening.

With the skyrocketing cost of health care, many people are operating under the theory that they will spend less and live happier, more fruitful lives if they can prevent illness. Most forms of alternative medicine place at least some credence in this theory. Many, like massage therapy and chiropractic, attempt to train patients to correct problems before they develop into life altering problems. This approach appeals to many as they seek out total wellness.