Why Alternative Medicine Can Do Wonders for Seniors

Alternative medicine has been credited by many as doing amazing things, but it should not be considered a cure-all by seniors. What is this particular form of medical treatment, and why is it called alternative?

It goes under the descriptive name alternative medicine because it is not officially embraced as true medical treatment by the medical profession. This opinion also includes about half of professional physicians.

This having been said, this more natural form of medical treatment may fall outside professional acceptance, but that in no means proves its failure as an effective method of treating pain and illness.

If you are considering embarking on the use of any form of alternative medicine, follow several courses of action first.

1. Do not accept the recommendation of a friend, or an item in the newspaper, or a remark on television as being the final word on the subject. Search the computer or library and make the final decision on any medical treatment one that you reached personally from your own private research. Don’t accept hearsay as fact…it never really is!

2. If you are on a medicine regimen regulated for you by your personal physician, don’t vary it, or cease it, without the advice of your doctor.

3. Look upon any form of alternative medicine that you personally decide to utilize, as complementary to the medicine and program set up for you by your physician. Use it in addition to, and not in place of what you’re presently taking on medical advice.

4. Finally, run your decision by your personal doctor! Some herbs, minerals or vitamins can adversely affect other medications, and physicians can head off any bad reactions.

The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, has nominally designated five types of complementary alternative medicines that encompass the entire category.

” Manipulation.

” Energy Techniques

” Healing Techniques

” Diet Supplements

” Mind/Body Interactions.

There are many claims made by many people as to the amazing cures wrought by alternative medicine. Some individuals loudly proclaim that they discarded all of their physician designed medicines and replaced them with herbs and vitamin supplements.

Never, ever stop following your personal physician’s advice regarding medication. Take the time to educate yourself about more natural treatments than those developed by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

But always consult with your doctor before taking any such action. It’s an interesting fact of life that many of modern day medicines were first manufactured in nature’s own laboratory, living plants.

Most people have heard about the botanist that brought back to America a specimen taken from a rare tree in Brazil. Analysis performed on the specimen revealed it could actually cure various forms of cancer in humans.

Rushing back to Brazil, the botanist found to his chagrin that a poor farmer had cut the tree down and torn out its roots and burned them. All done to increase the size of his small farm.

As the tale goes, never has another tree of that type ever been found again. But there are new and exciting finds being made every day by scientists and non scientists.

Take the time to search the internet and libraries about complementary alternative medicine and the many changes and additions being made to the field. Don’t depend on word of mouth and health claims being ballyhooed by others.

Your computer can do more than display news items and play games. It can take you to the distant parts of the earth and show you new medical discoveries. Take charge of your own health in concert with your physician.

Who knows? You may discover that there is really a fountain of youth out there.

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