The Close Association High Blood Pressure And Stroke

High blood pressure and stroke are related to each other. High blood pressure is known to be the most significant factor in a stroke attack. It actually increases the risk factor.

Blood pressure can be defined as a measurement of the force that’s exerted on the walls of artery via the pumping blood. In case, you suffer from high blood pressure, the blood is pumped harder as compared to what it should. This results in to unnecessary strain on the vessels of the circulatory system.

Hypertension is also known as the silent killer. It is so because most people do not realize that they have developed this condition. A person suffering from high blood pressure actually does not suffer from any symptoms. Hence, the only way to diagnose is regular medical check ups.

High blood pressure can be categorized in to three stages namely; mild, moderate or severe. This problem may also result in some serious life threatening disease such as heart attack, kidney disease and heart failure. If hypertension is left untreated, it can result in permanent eye damage.

Blood pressure can be measured in two different ways. The first method is known as systolic where the pressure inside the artery as pulse of blood arrives from the heart. The upper limit is normal and counted as 140. The second method is Diastolic where the resting pressure inside the artery between pulses is checked. The upper limit of normal is 90.

The normal blood pressure is around 120/80. The stage of hypertension or high blood pressure occurs when the blood pressure is (consistent) about 140/90. Studies have proved that a person with hypertension that is left untreated is four times more at risk to have a stroke as compared to one who has a healthy blood pressure.

There are several bad effects at high blood pressure.

The most dangerous is having a risk of stroke. There are numerous ways in which high blood pressure can increase the risk of stroke in many ways.

a) High blood pressure enhances the effects of atherosclerosis. This is a condition where the arteries are narrowed due to the fatty plaques build up.

b) Blockage of blood flow to the brain, know as embolic stroke that’s caused by dislodge cholesterol plaque from the walls of the artery.

c) Weak artery walls usually lead to breakage of vessel as well as bleeding into the brain. The attack is known as hemorrhagic stroke.

d) Constant stress load leading to consistent stress load.

e) People with rare malformation of the blood vessels inside the brain usually suffer from a hemorrhagic stroke.

As your blood pressure gets too high, your chances of having a stroke increase. The stroke is characterized by loss of brain function as a result of lack of blood supply to the brain.

High blood pressure can cause a lot of damage to blood vessels. The damage can be in the following forms:

• Thickening of vessels

• Formation of clot

• Breakage of vessels

You should constantly keep a check on your blood pressure in order to reduce the risk of stroke attack.

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