Alternative Medicine for Cancer

The word Cancer has many bad things associated with it, but there is another four letter word called “Cure” that is just as bad. The medical system and the laws make everyone very cautious when using this word. So we use the word “Alternative” and we will discuss alternative medicine for Cancer.

The word Cancer scares people, but if we look behind the word and see what’s happening inside you body we see that for many reasons the good cells have gone bad. If you want to dig deeper we can see that the immune system has been damaged to the point it cannot fight anymore.It is at this point we look for alternative medicine for cancer.

The obvious first steps to change in the fight against cancer or any problem is diet. For humans to survive we need things like water, food, and air. For cancer to survive it needs a acidic environment. Changing your diet can aid in disrupting that environment, but can it fix the damage.Some say it can and there are many factors pertaining to the degree of damage your body is at.

We know chemo and radiation are the common treatments fo cancer, but there is alternative medicine for cancer. One we researched and found affects your endorphins which in turn stimulates your immune system. it’s like reviving the troops for another fight.

The great thing about this alternative is it has very little side effects (for a drug) and is inexpensive. This alternative medicine for cancer is FDA approved and is being used by practitioners today. You won’t be a lab rat because this alternative has been used by patients with varying diseases for years now.

The drug companies can’t make the kind of profits from this alternative medicine for cancer that there use to so they passed this alternative by.

If you read on you will see how effective this alternative medicine really is.

It has changed lives.

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