Fad Dieting And How It Can Lead To Depression

Fad diets why they are bad is because they can lead to medical and psychological problems. The psychiatric consequences can leave people searching for your depression cure. Most of us derive at least some self-esteem or self worth from our appearance. We know that the fad diets do not support the physiological needs of the body, but what does it do to our brain? Does fad dieting create depression? Does being overweight lead to depression? Fad dieting and depression have been linked in some studies.

Depression is a medical condition. It occurs when there is not enough serotonin or other neurotransmitters in the brain. There are different types and subtypes of depression. The symptoms and length vary. They do all employ: down mood or melancholily, loss of interest in previously pleasurable things, overeating or not eating, sleeping to much or not at all, isolating oneself from others, lethargy (no get up and go), and a feeling of helplessness or hopelessness.

There is situational type depression where one event or serious of events seemed to trigger the symptoms. These usually include some kind of loss like someone close to you died, you lost your job, or your relationship has broken up. There are clinical types of depression like Major Depression and Dysthymia. These are diagnosed by professionals who follow a diagnostic manual. These diagnoses have to be specific to include the symptoms and length given in the manual. There is also Atypical Depression. The common symptoms of depression are present with this type. but it is also known to be reactive. This means that if something good happens the depression would lift for a time. This is absent in other forms of depression. Atypical depression is 40% of all depressions.

Fad diets why they are so bad is because they have been linked with depression. A failed diet can cause depression. Experts say that if you can pinpoint what triggered your depression, it can help finding a cure for your depression for some types.

Fad diets why they are so bad is because they can leave people feeling depressed when the diet does not produce expected results. Fad diets why are they so bad can leave you searching for a cure for your depression.

The body seems to crash after a fad diet while the weight comes back on. Dieter’s feel helpless and seek out a cure for your depression.

Fad diets why they are so bad is because the desperate and depressed are lured by what the diet promises. In seeking a cure for your depression, some people actually feel that if they could just lose weight, they would be happy and all their problems would be over. A dieter may get depressed because they find it impossible to stick to a rigid diet plan, leaving them feel more hopeless.

Some experts say that people with clinical depression my relapse after fad dieting. Starvation diets can leave you looking for a cure for your depression. Some people think your depression cure will be losing the weight itself. Clinical depression is usually treated with psychotropic medication and counseling, or counseling alone.

A cure for your depression may simply be eating a healthy balanced diet and getting regular exercise. Exercise can produce endorphins, a chemical in the body that makes you feel good. Fad diets are bad because they lead people to believe their weight loss can cure your depression.

John Hubert is the author of The Depression Cure and is a researcher of Fad Diets And Why Are They Bad.