High Blood Pressure Is Called the Silent Killer

Health is not just a goal, it is an ongoing process. Health and ill health depend on the power of digestion. Healthy, low fat foods are a great way to change your diet for the better. Healthy food provides quality fuel, and will improve your health while raising your energy levels. Healthy people who have blood pressure that is low but still in the normal range (when measured at rest) tend to live longer than people who have higher normal blood pressure.

Blood pressure is an important diagnostic index, especially of circulatory function. Blood pressure is not the same all the time; it changes to meet your body’s needs. Blood pressure is continually changing depending on activity, temperature, diet, emotional state, posture, physical state, and medication use. Blood pressure is elevated for two main reasons: too high blood volume too narrow blood vessels due to a substance our kidneys make called angiotensin. However, the biggest problem with treatment of high blood pressure is not a lack of knowledge, but a lack of the application of our current knowledge.

Weight loss appears to have a stronger blood pressure-lowering effect than dietary salt restriction. Weight reduction in the obese individual also may serve to lower blood pressure; in addition, the avoidance of excessive weight provides other health benefits. Among school-age kids and teens, hypertension is usually linked to excess weight. If there’s no underlying illness, your child’s doctor may recommend weight loss, increased intake of fruits and vegetables, decreased salt intake, increased exercise, and even relaxation techniques.

Smoking is the biggest risk factor for having a heart attack. Smoking is directly linked with the development of coronary artery disease. Smoking is bad not only for the blood vessels, but bad for health in general-Sodium intake: For some individuals too much intake of salt (sodium) may cause an increase in blood pressure. For example, smoking and high blood pressure cause a greater risk to health than obesity. However, the combined effect of stopping smoking, cutting down the amount of saturated you eat and lowering your blood pressure causes a very large reduction in your risk of having a stroke or having a heart attack.

When high blood pressure is not found and treated, it can cause: The heart to get larger, which may lead to heart failure. If high blood pressure is left unchecked, it can cause blood vessels in the kidneys to become thickened and narrowed, possibly leading to reduced blood supply and reduced kidney

function. For that reason, the diagnosis of high blood pressure is important so efforts can be made to normalize blood pressure and prevent complications. High blood pressure is often called the “silent killer” because it usually has no noticeable warning signs or symptoms until other serious problems arise.

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