Common Gout Symptoms You Need To Know

Many of those who suffer from gout may not know they have it because gout symptoms are often similar to some other type of joint disease. Another reason for this misconception is due to living in a world filled with polluted water and air, eating processed meats, stressful living conditions, lack of proper sleep and exercise, just to name a few.

Although gout is a form of arthritic condition caused by heredity, having too much uric in the body and only able to excrete little of it, and from eating too many foods high in purine – a chemical that accelerates the overproduction of uric acid in the body. One of the most common initial signs of many gout symptoms is a sudden and painful attack on the big toe. There will be some degree of tenderness, heat, swelling and redness on the affected joint. When diet is the main cause, then observing the recommended diet together with some medication and some exercise will do a lot to ease the problem.

Gout is a disease with a long history which mostly affected the rich and royalties of the past. During those times, they were the only ones who could afford to partake of rich food and drinks that we know today as those that cause gout because of their high purine content; what the common population could not afford, they had aplenty, hence it was referred to as “the disease of kings”. Today, the number of gout sufferers has risen to affect all levels of society at an alarming rate despite advancements in medicine, science, technology, and even with the available information regarding the disease.

The important thing to do first when you are stricken by something that affects your joints is to be certain that it is indeed a gout attack or just merely an age-related arthritic condition that has the same symptoms as gout. When it is fully established without a doubt that it is truly gout, then the next step is to find out to what the extent is and to get treatment promptly. Knowing the nature of gout gives gout sufferers a better fighting chance in finding a cure.

When you have a painful attack on any part of your joints, be sure to take note of the symptoms before you visit a doctor. A gout attack is often commonly accompanied by pain that ranges from mild to very severe. Doing so helps the doctor make a definite prognosis on your condition, and so will able to give you the right medicines to help alleviate its painful symptoms, and to eventually cure it.

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