What Is Safer for Cholesterol: Olive Oil Or Butter?

Cholesterol levels are easily raised in the body when you intake more edible fats. High cholesterol is the major cause by heart attack, it forms as fat deposits in the arteries. With all this fat is considered as one of the worst diets in the world.

Fats can be categorized into two good fats and bad fats. In reality fat is as important as other protein and nutrients for the normal functioning of the body.

Butter was generally considered to be the biggest contributor to health problems, particularly heart disease. For a long time, vegetable margarine was considered a safer substitute. When hydrogenated oils appeared on the scene, we were told that these are refined oils are safer. When the harmful effects of trans-fats and hydrogenated oils were stumbled upon, we were then told that olive oil is the best, as it comprises of good fats. A recent study conducted by Lund University, Sweden, reveals that butter actually contributes less to blood cholesterol as compared to olive oil.

Butter contains more than 20% of short and medium fatty acids. These acids are directly consumed and it will not increase the blood cholesterol levels. Another explanation is that cells in the intestines prefer to store short and medium length fatty acids more than long chain fatty acids contained in vegetable oils.

A patient who has high blood cholesterol will only look for proper answers, because it’s a matter of life for him. The big question here what will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The next medical finding can throw another surprise. But we will definitely get these kind of reports from medical society in future.

The best answer is nature. nature recommends to eat moderately. As everybody know human is the only living being who eats even though he is not hungry.

The best cure for cholesterol is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, do mild exercises regularly, and eat a balanced diet. Include healthy portions of vegetables in all meals and avoid sugary foods. As far as fats are concerned, use any unprocessed fat, but make sure that you do not consume large quantities of fatty foods. Most of all, if you want to control cholesterol levels, avoid commercial and junk foods at all costs.

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