Maximize Your Muscle – Reviews

The latest project by Vince Del Monte is called Maximize Your Muscle. I’ve written a brief review.

Maximize Your Muscle is the long awaited follw up to Vince’s previous program, NoNonsense Muscle Building, which is the best selling muscle building program on the internet. This program however is geared toward those that have graduated from NoNonsense or an advanced builder desiring to never plateau again.

Maximize Your Muscle revolves around 12 anabolic targets. These targets are the key to steady and maximum muscle growth. Each month, Vince dissects them and teaches you how to maximize each one.

The first thing that stood out to me about the program was the intensity of it. Vince holds nothing back as he goes through each workout with you. You’ll be exhausted and left feeling like you really did damage – positive damage. The amount of content packed into this program is almost overwhelming, but Vince breaks it all down for you.

Hardcopy delivery sets him above the rest of the guys on the internet. It’s great to get videos I can watch at anytime. This was a welcome change from the traditional ebook format and gives this program an extra touch of professionalism and credibility.

His newsletter that accompanies the DVD is complete with meal guides, mindset training, workout charts, and more. The tips and strategies that are included in the meal section alone were enough for me, not to mention all the other material that’s in there. The other two features of this program are the 90 minute mastermind and coaching call which is a live question and answer period with Vince himself, and the member’s forum.

The program also come with a monthly 90 minute mastermind and coaching call which Vince hosts, and a member’s forum. The coaching call is great because Vince’s time is worth atleast $175 an hour, but you’ll get it at a fraction of the cost. The member’s forum is filled with motivated people on the same path as you.

There’s a lot to learn here and a lot to do. If you’re lazy, this program is not for you. It requires a complete lifestyle change. This took some getting used to, but I got there.

This program is for anyone who’s serious about going beyond their genetic potential this year and I highly recommend it.

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