Why Do I Have Lower Back Pain on the Right Side?

There are a number of reasons for what can be causing the pain on the right side of the lower back. The type pain you are feeling are the symptoms that can help determine the cause, is the pain a sore muscle type of pain or, is it more of a stabbing or sharp electrical shock type of pain?

If you are experiencing soreness or aching type pain then the pain is being caused by muscle irritation due to a strain or perhaps tightening of an over worked muscle. In either case, you can get relief by applying heat to the area of the ache or soreness.

If you are experiencing stabbing, burning, or electrical shock type pain as well as tingling and numbing sensations for the first time, then you should see your doctor. These type pains or symptoms are normally a indication that there is a problem associated with the sciatic nerve.

The first step in dealing with sciatica, (the term used to characterize lower back pain caused by the sciatic nerve) is to determine the underlying cause. This is where a doctor can be very helpful, since treating sciatica will depend on what is causing it to begin with. So, as you can see finding the underlying cause is an important first step, regardless of which side you feel the pain on.

Keep in mind, even a visit with your doctor may not give you the reason for the pain as sciatica can, at times, be like a master of illusion. The pain can shift from one leg to the other, it can run all the way down one leg to feet, or it can run down both. The pain can go from severe to numbness with no warning, or disappear completely for a short time only to return more severely.

Because I have been there myself, I can tell you that your doctor will tell you, after he determines it is a problem with a pinched or inflamed sciatic nerve, that bed rest for two weeks or more is the only thing that will help. If you suffer from a sore muscle or other type of muscle ache, a heating pad will help ease the pain but, to treat a problem with the sciatic nerve will take finding the underlying cause first in order to determine the proper treatment option. Bed rest is not the only option you have, regardless of what the doctor tells you.

Now you know what is causing your lower back pain, what you may not know is you do not have to live with it until it heals itself. Discover the best ways to get relief from your lower back pain on right side, as well as some ways to keep it from returning, click here to get pain-free fast.