Quick Weight Loss Myths You Need To Be Aware Of And How To Avoid Falling Into A Trap

We’ve all heard the old saying that success breeds success. Translate that wisdom into dieting and any diet that promotes quick weight loss should bed successful, right? Wrong. Many of the weight loss plans and fads promise a success that is, at best fleeting, and often times unattainable.

There are all kinds of pills, creams, plans, equipment, and more that promise to melt fat off your body, build muscle, and much more with minimal time investment on your part. Usually accompanied by videos or testimonials from people who really “did it” are designed by marketing professionals that know exactly how to get people to buy in.

The bottom line is, quick weight loss is most definitely possible, but you not only have to be dedicated to finding or developing a sound diet and regular exercise regimen, you also have to use some common sense. While separating fact from fiction, remember that weight is not gained overnight, nor is it lost.

Myth #1 – Low fat or no fat is always better. This is a great big lie. There are certain kinds of fat that are good for you. Good fats you should include in your diet are olive oil, real butter, avocados, and nuts. Some bad fats to avoid are margarine, canola oils, and all hydrogenated oils.

Sugar or a product based on sugar is the main substitute for the fat that is replaced in fat free products. Sugar is not good for losing weight or fat. So, a good rule of thumb if your real intent is to lose weight and you don’t want to or you’re tired of spending money on the latest fad diet, is to read nutritional labels and monitor the amount of sugar and sugar substitutes you consume.

Myth #2 – Similar to the first myth, minimize the consumption of diet soda because it has artificial sweetener, which has been proven to promote weight gain. If you “require” sweetener in your drink, try a good honey or pure cane sugar, but focus mainly on drinking plenty of water and tea.

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