It Makes Sense To Use A Moisturizer With Sunscreen Deosn’t It?

Most people know that one of the worst things you can do for your skin is to get sunburned. So should you using a moisturizer with sunscreen?

But surprisingly the answer is not quite what you’d expect.

There’s no doubt that sunburn is really bad for our skin, in fact sunburn is probably one of the single worst things you can do to your skin.

If you really want to make sure your skin looks older with more sagging, wrinkles, dryness and lines just make sure you get regularly sunburned from an early age.

Not to mention skin cancer.

So doesn’t it make complete sense to use a moisturizer with an spf of 15 or even 30?

Well no, not necessarily, though that doesn’t mean it’s fine to get sunburned.

So why isn’t it a great idea to use a moisturizer with sunscreen added? Because there is some evidence that the daily use of sunscreens can be dangerous to your health and there are even some scientists who believe that regular use of sunscreens can cause cancer.

That’s not to say that it’s proven, but it is certainly suspected by many scientists. Now if you use a sunscreen for, say, 5 or 6 times a year, then the risk is a little lower. But if you use a moisturizer with sunscreen added chances are you’re going to be using it daily, so you’re using a sunscreen daily.

There’s primarily 2 different types of sunscreens, those that stay on the surface and those that soak in. Those that stay on the surface are those using zinc or titanium.

If you’re using a sunscreen that soaks in then some of it will get into your blood. And the skin care products and moisturizers with sunscreen use the type that soaks in because it looks and feels better that way.

And of course all spf factor is produced by using synthetic chemicals, and you don’t want to be getting chemicals into your bloodstream.

And that’s not all. If the sun is unable to get to your face each day you may well start to find that you suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Studies have shown that up to 60% of Americans suffer from some deficiency of vitamin D in their bodies, though not all that is caused by use of sunscreen by any means.

So now you’re wondering what to do?

Use the best moisturizer in the world that doesn’t have a sunscreen. The manufacturer of the best skin care products actually doesn’t use any sunscreens in their skin care products for all the reasons I’ve just outlined.

And when you think it’s a day when you’re likely to need a sunscreen use one, preferably with zinc or titanium. Most days you won’t need any spf factor, so don’t use one. And stock up on that vitamin D.

There’s more information on the best skin care products that don’t have any sunscreen.

Find the worlds best natural skin care products without sunscreen if you want to avoid moisturizer with sunscreen.