Fat Loss And Core Strength – Start With Trunk And Legs

Life as we know it these days has become more complicated and this has made our list of daily ‘to dos’ longer. Indeed, the tight schedule most of us keep each day prevents us from maintaining a healthy lifestyle and this is evidenced by recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that says 66% adults in the U.S. are overweight.

The food industry’s successful production of fast gastronomic fare that more often than not fills-up our system with empty calories isn’t making things easier on our bellies either. Buckets of greasy chicken and calorie-loaded shakes are available to us round the clock and they’re taking their toll on our figures.

Like it or not, the fast food culture is here to stay and it’s up to us to practice self-control and stuff our faces with healthier alternatives. Replacing our favorite dip chips with fruits and nuts, mayonnaise with mustard or catsup and yogurt desserts instead of ice cream can do wonders. However, burning-off the excess calories by making it a point to exercise consistently is the most effective weapon to quickly eliminate excess body fat.

People with hectic schedules don’t bother to maintain a regular workout schedule because they have the impression that less than an hour of exercise is useless. There are actual ways of modifying conventional cardio and resistance workouts to increase their calorie-burning potential and shorten exercise sessions.

The formation of excess body fat comes from unspent calories we still have in our system when we go to bed at night. The more calories we consume then, the more energy we should use-up through physical activity throughout the day.

There is no doubt as to the effectiveness of cardio exercises when it comes to isolating body fat for energy. However intense anaerobic exercises (bodybuilding) can be just as effective because additional muscle tissue improves our body’s ability to burn calories even while we’re not exercising. Traditional weight-training can be modified to increase intensity and enabling us to burn more calories and shorten our sessions.

Involving the most number of muscle groups in a workout will multiply the amount of calories used up and doing core exercises that strengthen the trunk and legs is perfect for that. When the upper and lower abs, the lumbar, oblique and leg muscles are working together, such as lifting weights while trying to balance on the uneven surface of a Bosu ball, you can bet you’re using-up way more energy than if you were on a flat surface.

There are several ways to engage our base muscles and speed-up fat-loss in our workouts. Standing on one foot, while doing curls and presses, or using a Swiss ball as a platform in abdominal exercises will result in instability. The effort made by the core muscles in keeping the body steady results in a more intense workout, a more stable base and ultimately speedier fat loss.

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