Spa: New Trends In 2010

It’s a fact – the spa is a big industry and is still booming. And there’s no stopping it. Sometime in November this year, the International Spa Association (ISPA) published its 2010 Trend Watch report, describing several fascinating craze for spas in 2010:

Customer Service. Great customer service is always the best! You could present the most expensive spa treatment, but when the client isn’t contented with her spa experience, it’s tantamount to nothing. “In fact, 87 percent of ISPA member spas are using customer feedback mechanisms to ensure they’re meeting consumers’ wants…” Spas must adopt improved ways then to give the clients a more satisfying spa experience.

Spa Sampling Menus. This is a strategic means to allow spa clients get a sort of “preview” of the different treatments thatthey would like to try on.

Spa Partnerships. This lets spas to expand their reach by forging partnerships with local businesses that may also benefit from them. In this way, spas are able to promote their business and grow the number of clients by taking the spa closer to the clients. Various strategies can be carried out like discounted prices with partner hotels or resorts. And who doesn’t enjoy a bargain?

Social Media. From tweeting to blogging, and everything in between, it’s predicted that in 2010 social media will continue to be influential in aiding spa-goers make decision from what to where of spa. Needless to say, spas should make the most out of social media to gather clients.

Beauty Rest. Not yet very popular, but an inviting option like this can certainly grow the number of spa visits. This merely means making that spare time at the spa to get some forty winks while enjoying a relaxing massage. Or rather more attractive is to just book a room in a spa heavy with calming aroma to get more sleep.

These are just few of the exciting trends that the spa industry is eyeballing for 2010. Now, there are a bunch of better things to look forward to for your 2010 spa excursion.

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