Physical Therapy And Sports: Boosting Rehabilitation From A Massage Chair

Amateur and professional athletes alike both know that injury comes hand in hand with sports. Sports by its very nature are geared to push the limits of individuals to remain competitive. As boundaries are pushed, limits will be crossed. This is when injuries happen. However, the body is very resilient and with the help of the physical therapy programs recovery times are minimal. These advanced therapy programs build a regimen of activities to restore health and vitality to the affected areas. Many programs require the use of exercise equipment, massage chairs and stretching elements.

You may have just undergone surgery. Or you may be hurt but can recover without surgery. The physical therapist must be able to handle a wide variety of situations for their patients. They are going to design a specific regimen for you to follow. Their goals are to restore flexibility and also to help strengthen the injured or stressed areas. Your therapist is an expert in the make up of the muscle and skeletal systems. They also must know about typical surgery procedures. This helps them understand how scar tissue may form deeper within the body. You will use exercise equipment and perhaps a massage chair to help you heal the injury.

If you are a professional athlete, then your goals are going to be different than if you play sport occasionally. Your physical therapist will consult with you on a direction and time line that fits your needs. An athlete needs quick recovery and to restore maximum flexibility and strength. Whereas the occasional player may take more time to fully recover. In either case, you will be put through stretching, massage, exercise and more. You will get to use various exercise equipment, massage chairs, free weights and more. These are important tools in the therapist’s recovery arsenal.

One of the key areas when you start is to make your muscles more pliable. When an injury occurs, the body immobilizes the affected area. Your body has redundant systems for most everything. If your leg is injured, it will want the other leg to take over. The body does not want the injured leg used and tries to shut it down to heal it. This is good, but your muscles become stiff and tight. They actually hurt when you start to bend them. Stretching is an important part of the physical therapy routine to build back flexibility.

When you are injured, your body knows to shift work to other areas that are not affected. So certain areas are not used for most activities. The muscles that are not used will atrophy. They will start to lose strength. The body adapts to the situation. To reverse this process, your therapist will start you on an exercise program. The exercise program is usually designed to start off slow, but steady. The program may work muscle groups together or may work on individual muscles. The treatments are designed to bring all the elements together for full strength recover.

Some of the problems encountered in the physical recovery process are scar tissue. Scar tissue forms harder than the original tissue. This needs recurring kneading and pressing massage to restore flexibility. The muscle tissue breaks down into shorter lengths when physically stressed. The muscles tissues need the fibers to be elongated to restore further flexibility. Massage therapy targets these two important areas. Some physical therapy clinics use massage therapists and may also use massage chairs. In either case, the focus is on increasing the longer term flexibility. Massage therapy is effective in loosening the muscles and scar tissue while increasing the blood and nutrient flow accelerate the healing process.

If you push your limits, you may sometimes go too far and suffer an injury. Or they may just happen. Either way, you just want to be fully recovered. The physical therapies being offered utilize top notch technology and methodologies. From massage chair recliners to treadmills, you will be exposed to a range of treatments designed for your full recovery.

Hopefully you do not require Physical Therapy, but if you do then find out what massage therapy most benefits you. A massage chair can be an excellent asset in your health. Massage Chair Therapy offers many techniques