New, Low Impact Rebound Sports Shoes Launched In South Florida

The Center for Medical Weight Loss on University Drive is helping make that first step into fitness “fun” with a new and low-impact rebound sports shoe call Kangoo Jumps. The specialized workout shoes look and fit like comfortable ski boots with a giant spring on the bottom for jogging, running and jumping with 80 percent less impact on the joints and knees.

Just in occasion for the holidays, Kangoo Jumps are being incorporated into the Center’s physician-supervised, weight casualty programs and fitness sweat classes. The shoes are revered because jogging, running, aerobics, strength training, conditioning and other exercises. In addition, the Center (2209 N. University Drive in Pembroke Pines) and it’s conveniently located kiosk at the Sawgrass Mall (Entrance 3 at Blue Dolphin) cede retail the shoes. Available in women’s also men’s sizes, prices start at $229 a pair.

“Jumping provides full the benefits of ‘rebound exercise’, which NASA calls the most effective and sound form of exercise yet devised,” said Gabriela Rosenthal, a weight loss specialist with CMWL who personally lost 120 pounds. “Kangoo Jumps are esteemed for heavier patients seeing they help prevent injuries also allow them to work out without putting supererogatory stress on their joints besides muscles.”

In addition, the safe again easy-to-learn sports shoes provide health benefits including a reduce in workout recovery time, increase in endurance and good posture.

Moreover, the safe and easy-to-learn sporting activities shoes provide health benefits such as a reduction in exercise routine recovery time, increase in endurance and very good posture.

The Center for Medical euthanasia on University Drive provides a clinical avenue to shedding pounds with doctor-managed predomination loss programs tailored to meet the individual patient’s goals. The Center is located at 2209 N. University Drive in Pembroke Pines. through more information, visit, or call 954-966-5700 to make an appointment for a unchain consultation.

Gabriela Rosenthal, the writer, is a weight reduction professional with The Center for Medical weight reduction at University Drive. She has personally lost more than a hundred thirty pounds and realized the battle most people fight with weight reduction. For more information, check out