Why Is Cynergy TK A Huge Breakthrough In Skin Care?

You’ve probably heard of keratin if you’re interested in serious skin care, and how important it is to replace the keratin our skin loses with age. Now there’s a new ingredient in the best skin care products that replaces lost keratin in your skin better than ever before. It’s called Cynergy TK.

But you might be thinking that there’s already keratin in my big brand name skin care products that I use now? What is it that Cynergy TK does for my skin that I’m not getting from my current skin care products?

Yes there is keratin in many skin care and anti-aging products, but Cynergy TK is a form of keratin that is far more useful to your skin than the keratin you’re getting in your skin care products now.

Keratin is an extremely strong protein found right throughout the body, but in particular in your skin, as well as your nails, hair and some other parts of your body. It helps make your skin more elastic and pliable, and to combat wrinkles and sagging in your skin.

Unfortunately as you get older your skin starts to lose some of it’s keratin, and this means that the sagging and wrinkles and lines start to form on your face. Loss of keratin is not the only reason for this, but certainly contributes hugely.

So why shouldn’t you just buy some of those big brand name anti-aging products with keratin in them. Won’t that replace the lost keratin?

Remember I mentioned nails and hair? There’s keratin in them? It’s the same with animals, and the keratin used in those big brand name skin care products is sourced from the horns and hooves of animals. It’s extracted by using heat and acid, and unfortunately this changes the form of the keratin and de-naturalizes it by a process known as “hydrolyzation”. And so it’s usefulness to the skin is reduced a lot.

Cynergy TK is a source of keratin, but the company that makes Cynergy TK uses an entirely different method of extracting keratin from animals, and they don’t even need to kill the animal. They take the keratin from the wool of sheep. It’s such an advanced way of getting keratin they’ve patented ti, and keratin sourced this way is fully biologically available to your skin.

The result is what’s called “functional keratin” and the effects on skin are amazing. It is extremely similar to the protein found in human skin.

It’s almost a “liquid skin” and is so effective that it stimulates the skin into regrowing more of it’s own keratin, as well as collagen, another essential skin protein that is lost with skin aging.

And Cynergy Tk also contains a number of other components, all very useful to your skin. These include zinc and copper proteins which assist in increasing the thickness of the skin, and reducing lines and wrinkles. The regrowth of collagen and elastin also assist with reducing wrinkling.

If you haven’t heard of skin keratin before you now know a little about it, why it is important to your skin and why your skin starts to wrinkle and sag as it ages. And why using a skin care product with Cynergy TK in it works to help replace lost keratin and collagen as well.

But are you likely to find Cynergy TK listed on the label of the anti-aging products you probably use now? No because it’s really expensive.

So which company would use Cynergy TK in their products? Chances are you’ve never even heard of them but they make the worlds best skin care products. And surprisingly their products are priced competitively to those big brands because this company doesn’t spend up big on TV advertising, which is why you’re unlikely to have heard of them.

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