Teeth Whitening

Choosing teeth whitening products from the different teeth whitening products available on the market today can be very confusing. However, some of these teeth whitening products do not produce the desired results.

If you asked the experts, they would tell you that the best method of teeth whitening is still obtainable via your dentist. Not only is it the best, but it is also the most effective and the quickest way to get whiter teeth.

However, not everyone can afford the charges that come with each treatment. Another thing that hinders them from going to dentists is fear. It seems that in early childhood, dentists are one of the most feared professions and that children just do not want to have to meet them. This fear continues on into adult years.

Although dentists do not recommend people to choose teeth whitening products, they all agree that most of these products are effective to some degree. According to many studies, most teeth whitening products can result in whiter teeth that can outlast any dentist-assisted procedure, if used according to the instructions.

Another plus point that teeth whitening products have, is that they contain the same ingredients that are used in professional whitening. Two of the active ingredients used in whitening teeth are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide. These two chemicals are also the ingredients present in some of the products that are on sale in ordinary grocery stores and chemists.

The only advantage that teeth whitening products have over professional whitening is that they tend to be very cheap. Everyone who finds out about them can afford to add them to their list of basic shopping things.

Many of these items can be had for less than $30. Compare this with the $100 or more that you are charged at the dentist’s surgery. It will not astound you that most people prefer them to the higher fees. However, teeth whitening products do have some disadvantages. Some of these are:

1. Suitability. Sure, teeth whitening products cater for all types of teeth, however different people have different requirements. What some people find works may not work for others. This is one of the problems that people will come across with these ‘home’ products.

There are those who have sensitive teeth and gums. Reaction to the products will depend upon the suitability of the products to the persons that are using them. Another option would be to try out different products until you find the one that is suitable to you.

2. Strong Chemicals Used. You will not know what your reaction to a product will be until you have tried it out. Since you do not know how sensitive your teeth are, you will also not know what might happen when you start using the product. It is wiser to consult with your dentist first before choosing any product at all.

3. Tray may not fit. The tray put in your mouth does not exactly fit you, so there is a tendency that it may be either be too large or too small.

If it is too big, the chemicals may not work very well. On the other hand, if it is too small, it could cause gum bleeding and other side effects that could cause even bigger problems. Be certain that the teeth whitening precuts you select are suitable for you. If none of them works, then perhaps professional teeth whitening would be better for you.

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