How to Reduce Natural Hair Loss Naturally – Learn to Jump Your Hurdle

Is your hair loss becoming a hurdle in leading a normal life?

Do you think the side effects of pharmacological treatments are just too many? Take a breath of relief because there are natural remedies which can effectively treat natural hair loss for both men and women, and they are way cheaper than transplants.

Massaging with finger tips is the basic method to stimulate your scalp. I use pure ingredients like four ounces of sesame oil mixed with six drops of lavender and bay essential oils. This method is quite effective, but make sure that you keep your hair open for about half an hour before washing off.

I am surprised to find that many people still don’t know about the numerous natural techniques of treating natural hair loss. Do you want to know these secrets? The proper use of the right ingredient is all that is there to it.

Aroma therapy is one good method in which you get double advantages of aroma inhalation and oil absorption. It uses distilled oils of wood, jojoba, bay, lime, lavender, etc. That help to reduce the natural hair loss. On another side, the anti androgens properties of saw palmetto have been found to be especially effective to treat hair loss for men with prostrate problems.

A mixture of honey, aloe, mulberries and brahmi, etc. As used by the Chinese is also a very effective natural remedy. Similar remedies are also found in the Indian science of ayurveda, which makes use of oral intakes and massaging oil. In homeopathy, distillation of organic substances in the medication process is done and this method provides some really lasting results.

As good as they may be, you should always remember that all these methods are useless if you don’t follow a good dietary pattern having a rich intake of calcium, silica and iron. Hereditary also plays a big role in natural hair loss, but sadly it is something we cannot control, and so it becomes even more important to maintain the nutritional intake.