What Teeth Whitening Methods Might Be Used At Home?

There are several harmless teeth whitening consumer products on the market today that you could try at home. Every one of these will generally contain some type of peroxide based mixture that helps to eradicate any type of discoloration or stains from your teeth. Below we take a look at the types of home kits available that let you whiten your teeth at a small percentage of the cost of having this process carried out by a dentist.

To begin with is the use of teeth whitening trays. These kits use a mouth guard (tray) into which the peroxide solution in gel form is placed. You then mount the tray over the teeth and then let it to stay in place for a number of hours. A number of these kits are intended for you to do the process two times a each day for 1 or 2 weeks, while other ones call for the tray to be on at night and remain on until the next morning.

After that is the treatment of white light on teeth whitening. This kit comes with a gel that has a peroxide mixture in it. You can put this right to the teeth and after that hold the white light over the mouth. The warmth that the white light gives off then accelerates the procedure that then results in you getting brighter white teeth and a smile to be proud of for a long time. This method seems to be good at removing stains and discoloration on the teeth surface and also stains that are set in as well.

Utilizing teeth whitening swabs is not just the simplest of all the consumer products to use when it comes to you desiring to get a great looking smile but also what many believe to be the safest teeth whitening product. It is also one of the least high-priced methods of having your teeth looking bright. They come with cotton swabs that have a compound sealed inside them and a container of powder made up of magnesium peroxide and aluminum tri-hydroxide.

After breaking the seal on the cotton swab you touch the end into the powder and after that put this onto every tooth. When the powder and mixture on the swab come into contact with one another oxygen is generated and this helps to eradicate the stains from the teeth.

The use of a teeth whitening procedure it should be OK-ed with your dentist because everyone’s teeth are not the same as well as other factors affecting your health.

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