7 Ways on How to Eat Right Within Your Budget

Knowing how to eat right on a budget is something anyone can learn. I won’t be shocked if you think that healthy eating will cost you money. Actually, you can still opt for nourishing food options and lead a healthy lifestyle without overspending.

These are just some of the things you can do to start living a happier, healthier, rewarding life:

1. Make a list. It will be very advantageous if you make a list of things you need before going to the supermarket. This will guarantee that you get everything and you won’t blow out your savings in the process. You will also learn how to eat right because you will be guided by healthier choices on the list.

2. Get groceries in bulk. Non-perishable or long shelf life items like nuts and brown rice are sometimes available in bulk. In doing so, you save gas and the items themselves.

3. Read the fine print. Discounted priced items are not always the best option for you. Even foods that read “fat free” or “light” could have a catch. To know what you’re actually paying for, read the label. When it’s time to choose the best brand, go for the one that’s both reasonably priced and has most of the nutrients. Assessing the price and the nutrition label is exactly how to eat right without overspending.

4. Cook your own food. Dining out is a great way to celebrate special occasions. But, try to do more of the cooking yourself. To save on time and money, do it all in advance.

5. Visit the local farmers market. Buying fresh fruits and veggies has only one downside – they don’t last as long as canned versions. That simply gives you more reason to eat fresh produce frequently. Buying them at your neighborhood co-op or local farmers market will get you more savings.

6. Get protein from a variety of sources. You think protein and the first thing that enters your mind is meat. How to eat right without breaking the bank? Mix up your sources of protein. Eggs, tofu, and beans are sufficient yet affordable sources of protein.

7. Have a healthy party. Having your party catered or holding it a restaurant will cost you. Instead, go potluck with friends and family. That way you can have more food options and you can control what goes into your food.

These 7 tips will certainly help you learn how to eat right without taking a toll on your finances. Healthy eating on a budget is possible if you make the best choices – from the store to your plate.

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Eating Healthily: Improving Your Habits

One of the best habits that anybody can develop is eating healthily. Healthy eating habits goes a long way in maintaining your health. As the old adage goes, ‘We are what we eat’. Aside from doing exercise routines, eating healthily is the other side of the equation.

The conditions for healthy eating are much different than it was a generation ago. No longer is a healthy diet about eating ‘three square meals’ per day. In fact, this expression originated from the British navy, referring to the wooden square plates that cooks used to serve food. While the naval diet is not exactly healthy (as you may know, Scurvy was a common disease in the Seven Seas), the tips outlined below are sure to keep your body energized:

* Watch how many calories you eat. Do not eat too much or too little. As a general rule of thumb, the recommended value per day is 2000 calories. There are other factors to consider, however, such as age, height, weight, and amount of physical activity.

* Eat a wide variety of food. Do not just eat within one food group all the time. You should maintain a healthy diet that includes vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Feel free to explore different foods!

* Eat the proper serving. Nowadays, restaurants give you portions that are way too large, which contributes to the obesity rates everywhere. The word ‘supersize’ has unfortunately entered our vocabulary. In other cultures, the food portions are much smaller (and consequently much less expensive). The next time you dine out at a restaurant, split up any large restaurant dishes between multiple people. Not only do you save money, but you are also eating healthier!

* As mentioned before, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Your body needs a fine balance of complex carbohydrates (or whole grains, such as whole wheat and brown rice). These are used more slowly in your body, thus keeping you full for a longer period of time. Fresh organic local produce is also highly recommended.

* Drink lots of water. Although the myth of drinking 8 glasses of water per day has been debunked, we should still drink plenty of fluids daily. Water is one of the healthiest substances in this planet. Our bodies are consists of 80% water.

* Eat less refined sugar, salt, and grain. We put excessive amounts of unhealthy condiments into our food. While it makes our meals taste better, it also contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle. Too much sugar contributes to diabetes and obesity, while too much salt may give us heart problems. A recent study shows that Canadians eat 50% too much sodium, contributing to a wide variety of health problems.

* Exercise regularly. Eating a healthy diet is only part of the equation. If you add in routine physical activity, you can further improve your well-being.

Eating healthily is a step by step process. All of the tips above should not be implemented at once. Instead, you should slowly work these habits into your life at a pace that makes you feel comfortable. The best way to develop healthy eating habits is through time, patience, and commitment.

In order to lead a healthy life, you must understand the mechanisms behind maintaining your physical and emotional well-being. Follow this informative health advice blog for more useful resources on enhancing your healthy lifestyle.

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