Appetite Suppression And Weight Loss Using NLP CD’s

Weight loss is a reduction of fat, bodily fluids, lean mass and adipose tissues inducing a reduction of your body weight. Appetite is an urge to eat and drink for pleasure. It significantly differs from hunger, because you only feel hungry if your body doesn’t have a sufficient amount of body fat to sustain itself and hence calls for nourishment.

Appetite is often confused with hunger, but they are two different things with different causes. Hunger is a physical signal that your body is in need of nourishment and it would be unhealthy if you tried to fight it. Appetite, though, is mostly triggered by psychological factors and doesn’t respond to any physical need.

Indeed, when stimulated, the mouth is a source of pleasure and comfort, which is the reason why some people enjoy chewing gum for example. It is the same reason that might explain why people like to have a cigarette in their mouths, or why they can feel hunger without actually needing to eat.

This pleasure and comfort might be sought after unconsciously by your brain when experiencing a stressful situation, which is why stress and anxiety can often create the desire to eat. Our mind also often unconsciously creates associations between two actions, so that each time you do any of those actions your brain creates the desire to do the other simultaneously. This is why you can have the desire to eat when around friends, sitting at a table or when watching television. Weight gain is also a usual side effect of many medications.

Even a little appetite issue may be severely disabling and a potential risk for you health. Not only can it make you increasingly anxious about your physical appearance, but it might also endanger your health in the long run. Excessive appetite can be responsible for obesity, respiratory difficulties, musculoskeletal problems, high blood pressure, and cholesterol along with life threatening diseases such as cancer, diabetes and gallbladder disease.

Being able to control your appetite would allow you to readily get back in shape and get significantly healthier. You wouldn’t have to worry constantly about keeping a diet anymore, nor about the nutritional value of what you eat. You will be able to eat what you want, when you decide to.

Many different drugs pretending to help control appetite or favor weight loss have been offered on the market over the past few years. Many of those miracle pills will in the best of cases only have a placebo effect. Others have had better results but sometimes were taken out of the market because of their hazardous side effects. Most of those pills have a chemical structure similar to that of amphetamines and have the same risks. But there are also natural ways of achieving weight loss which, do not present any adverse effects, such as weight loss through hypnotherapy.

Most people will tell you that only exercise or diet are effective ways of losing weight. This is indeed true, however it is nearly impossible for an active person to find the time to exercise or to stick to a diet and it is also hard to find the motivation to do so. Furthermore, neither exercise nor dieting will treat the mental factors triggering appetite. This means they won’t decrease your appetite, and that you’ll have to suffer from this desire to eat constantly, without being able to satisfy it.

That is why weight loss hypnosis has convinced many people who were trying to lose weight. Weight loss through hypnosis works on a psychological level and will help you greatly reduce your appetite. But hypnotherapy weight loss is also able to give you the motivation you need to go out and exercise. Using suggestion, weight loss hypnosis will help you find this motivation quickly and simply!

Weight loss hypnosis allows you to reduce your appetite in order to lose weight. This means it will be much simpler to lose weight because weight loss through hypnosis will eliminate the cravings for unnecessary nourishment. With hypnotism for weight loss, your unconscious will be programmed to adopt the eating behavior of a naturally fit person. In other words, weight loss hypnosis will use the power of your unconscious to alter your eating habits.

Weight loss hypnosis sessions can eliminate the unconscious associations that can cause appetite, and will induce appetite reduction. Self hypnosis weight loss, like all methods using hypnosis, will also make you much more relaxed. Weight loss through hypnosis can thus readily relieve you from any urge to eat that might be caused by anxiety.

To sum up: Although appetite is often mistaken for hunger, it does not respond to a physical need for nourishment but is strongly influenced by our psychological state. Therefore, weight loss hypnosis is much more effective than diets that only focus on physical factors. And unlike drugs, it is free of adverse effects. Weight loss through hypnosis is an efficient, safe and effortless way to gain control over your appetite and lose weight.

Alan B. Densky, CH has been helping clients with appetite suppression and weight loss since 1978. Visit his self hypnosis website to enjoy his Free self hypnosis videos, or learn about his exclusive hypnotism for weight loss programs or his Patented video weight loss hypnosis programs.

– Alan Densky

Self-Hypnosis – Can It Really Help You Lose Weight?

Hypnosis, thanks to the movies, the very word conjures up the picture of a beady-eyed hypnotist swinging a watch on a chain and chanting, “You are getting sleepy.”

Use any Internet search engine and you will find several million pages devoted to the topic. Unfortunately, many websites that sell hypnosis programs make wild and crazy, unsubstantiated claims. I’ve been in the industry since 1978. So I think that I’m more than expert enough to set the record straight on weight loss hypnosis.

First of all, hypnotism is a tool, just like a scalpel is a tool. Just as different surgeons have diversified levels of skill in the use of a scalpel, different hypno-technicians have varying levels of skill in the use of hypnotism. And to complicate the matter, there are different types of hypnotism.

Here are just a few of the wild claims about weight loss hypnosis that I’ve read about on websites on the Internet, along with the the real story:

”Hypnotherapy will speed up your metabolism.” The truth is that hypnotism can’t directly speed up your metabolism. But it can be very effective at helping to program your unconscious with increased motivation to exercise. And exercise will increase your metabolic rate. Similarly, hypnotism to speed up the metabolism for quick weight loss can be effected by programming the unconscious to motivate the intake of increased amounts of protein, because that intake will step up your metabolic rate.

”Hypnotherapy will make you become thinner.” This is false. But hypnotism can be used to help clean out your appetite, so that you eat less. And eating less can help you to become thinner. The average person’s appetite and cravings for food and compulsion to eat are caused by two subconscious programs:

A. When you pair eating with any other behavior, the other behavior will trigger cravings for food and an overwhelming desire to eat. This is called a conditioned response. For example, if you eat as you talk on the phone, you will get an urge to eat each time you get on the telephone.

B. When you feel tense, you feel an urge to put something into your mouth for relaxation and pleasure. This is because of programming that you received as a baby. When you got difficult, your mom put a bottle in your mouth. You got distracted, relaxed, and probably fell asleep. Now when you get cranky (anxious or tense), you feel compelled to put something into your mouth for relaxation and pleasure.

C. There is a third unconscious program that is present for some people. It’s called emotional eating. Emotional eating takes place when an individual is motivated to make him or herself fat, because by being fat they will protect themselves in some way. For example, if an individual gets their heart broken in a relationship, their unconscious can motivate them into a behavior that would prevent them from getting their heart broken again. Example: They are motivated to gain weight to keep them out of another relationship, because that will eliminate the possibility of another broken heart.

So just how can self-hypnosis for losing weight overcome the above problems? Click here to read the remainder of this weight loss hypnosis article.

I’ve written several articles on this complex topic that available on my website. These articles illustrate some effective techniques for using hypnotherapy for emotional eating.

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– Alan Densky