What Medication Is There For Migraine Headaches?

If you’ve ever had a bad migraine, you know that regular pain killers just don’t help dull the pain. Luckily, there are medications specifically designed to treat migraines. In fact, there are three different types of medications for people with migraines. There are medications that prevent the onset of these painful vascular headaches, medications that treat migraines after they start and medications that help control symptoms that migraines can cause.

Preventative medications are wonderful when they work. Imagine being able to stop that blinding pain before it even starts. Three popular preventative prescriptions are cataflam, lodine and ansaid.

Abortive medications can help stop a migraine after it has already begun. Some common abortive medications are ibuprofen, ketaprofen, naproxen, ergotamine tartrate, rizatriptan and frovatriptan.

Symptomatic medications have been developed to help control nausea and vomiting that have been caused by migraines. Common symptomatic medications include throazine, compazine, tigran, phenergan and reglan.

Usually, a medication that is prescribed most often is the most effective choice. Triptans are prescribed more frequently than any other type of migraine medication. They work by targeting the blood vessels in your skull to alleviate pressure. With less pressure, the pain is alleviated.

If you need immediate relief for migraines, you may be interested in some of the over the counter (OTC) remedies available. Ibuprofen, Tylenol and aspirin are the most popular OTC choices for treating migraines without a prescription. These drugs can help relieve a bit of the pain associated with a migraine and can also help control nausea and vomiting. However, these medications should only be used for occasional migraines. If you have chronic migraines, be sure you talk to your doctor about additional treatment options.

One new, effective method doctors are using to treat migraines is the nasal spray. When you use a medication that is transmitted through nasal spray, you get the treatment right into your bloodstream, which brings relief much more quickly than oral medications. In addition, nasal sprays help you avoid vomiting from the added upset of oral medication going into an already touchy stomach. Imitrex is one of the most well known nasal migraine sprays.

Even if you prefer to avoid prescription medications, if you have had a migraine that lasted longer than 48 hours or have frequent migraines, you should make an appointment with your doctor to see if he or she recommends that you try a prescription migraine medication to alleviate your symptoms or to lessen the number of migraines you have. In fact, you should also see your doctor even if you are only planning to take OTC medication for your migraine, since you could have an allergy to one of them.

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Health Insurance Rate Comparisons – Shopping for Your Health Plan the Right Way

Health insurance rates and plans depend upon many factors, including your own health history, where you live, state insurance laws, your gender, your age, and even your credit report! Various health insurance companies may add to your premium if you have a history of health claims. Habits that can hurt your health like smoking or extra weight may increase your premium even if you have not made a related claim yet. If you have made a lot of insurance claims or have a more serious health condition that can raise your health insurance price, or even get you declined for health insurance with some companies.

On the other hand, good health habits like abstaining from smoking or drinking, and maintaining a normal weight may qualify your for health insurance discounts. These discounts can shave more than 20% from a standard price. Some insurance companies may allow these discounts for applicants of any age, but some may cut them off at a certain age band like 39 or 49.

Insurance companies do not all give the same weight to various factors. A high blood pressure history may get a substantial rate up by one company, but be considered standard by another company. Even within the same health insurance company, different health plans may have different guidelines. Higher deductible health plans tend to have easier underwriting and less rate increases than health plans that are designed every single trip to a medical provider.

Compare Health Plans the Easy Way

Of course, you need to compare health insurance plans before you commit to such an important, and expensive, decision. As you know, this can be a very daunting task. Since your rates depend upon many factors, you will find yourself giving the same detailed information out many times! It would take forever to visit with several health insurance agents to compare multiple plans, and without a clear understanding of health insurance, all that time might still not help you make a good decision.

However, many internet quoting forms exist, that can help you fill out your information one time, and then receive information from experienced local agents that will know your market! If you give them your information, and an estimate of what you expect to pay, you can receive health insurance rate and plan comparisons. We believe that online quote forms are the way to go to save time and money, and to get quality health plans delivered to you in a convenient, low pressure way!

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